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18 Best Sales Blogs to Follow in 2019 (As Voted-for by 50+ Sales Leaders)

Selling Skills Chris Orlob February 12, 2019

Looking for a list of the BEST sales blogs to read in 2019? Then look no further.

If you want to level up your sales game, your best bet is to read the best sales blogs the pros are learning from.

BUT, instead of making a list of my own favorite sales blogs, I did something different: I asked over 50 sales leaders and professionals which sales blogs THEY rave about.

They voted, and the results are in.

If you don’t see your favorite sales blog listed below, be sure to write a comment.

Now, let’s move onto the results!

The 18 Best Sales Blogs

Here are the 18 best sales blogs for 2019, from the horse’s mouth.


Best sales blog - Gong

Type: Multi-author

Post frequency: Weekly

I know it seems weird that our sales blog is #1 on the list we’ve put together, but trust me, I didn’t rig the results 🙂 The majority of sales leaders we reached out to love our blog and voted for it.

For those who are unfamiliar, we publish data from analyzing millions of recorded and transcribed sales conversations with AI so you can learn what separates the best salespeople from the rest, according to hard data.

We typically publish one post per week or so, with a focus on quality over quantity. Each one is LOADED with sales techniques that help you hit your number.

Our favorite post: The Sobering Truth: Why You Can’t Sell to C-Suite Executives


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The Make It Happen Sales Blog

Best sales blog - Make It Happen

Type: Single-author

Post frequency: Weekly

It’s no surprise that John Barrows is on this list. John has become one of the most well-known names in the sales game, and for good reason.

His sales blog is a treasure trove of insights for new reps and veterans alike, all colored with stories from his own extensive experience in sales. His narrative writing style and useful,  funny anecdotes mean his sales blog is a pleasure to read and a valuable sales resource.

It’s crisp and clear and has concrete advice to offer.

Our favorite post: Sell The 20%

Sales Hacker

Best sales blog - Sales Hacker

Type: Multi-author

Post frequency: Weekly

Sales Hacker is one of the most well-known names in the sales blog world. It posts a huge volume of quality content and caters to every type of sales professional. They cover every topic that matters to you, from prospecting strategies to effective coaching techniques and more.

Sales Hacker even delves into the often-ignored support roles of sales enablement and sales operations.

In addition to helpful sales blog posts, Sales Hacker also produces all kinds of other useful content, including ebooks, webinars, videos, and podcasts. That gives you a few options, depending on how you like to consume content.

Our favorite post: Do You Make These 13 Mistakes During Your Sales Conversations?

DiscoverOrg’s Growthbound Blog

Growthbound Sales Blog

Type: Multi-author

Post frequency: Multiple Posts/Week

DiscoverOrg has become the undisputable leader in sales contact data.. Their blog caters to a 50/50 split of marketers and sales professionals and lets you dive into topics in whatever detail you need. Get high-level views on how to become a better salesperson, or dive into the nitty-gritty of writing effective sales emails. It’s all on offer.

Our favorite post: How to Keep Your Growth Up and to the Right

Hubspot Sales Blog

Best sales blog - HubSpot Sales BlogType: Multi-author

Post frequency: Multiple posts/week

Hubspot has long been a juggernaut in the marketing content space. That’s not surprising coming for the company that basically helped bring content marketing into the mainstream.

In recent years though, Hubspot has turned its well-oiled content machine toward sales and has quickly become a must-read for sales professionals. With a wide variety of topics and a high volume of content, we guarantee that a stop at the Hubspot Sales Blog will deliver a new tip or resource.

Put those to use ASAP.

Our favorite post: 15 Sales Email Templates Perfect for the New Year

Cerebral Selling

Best sales blog - Cerebral Selling

Type: Single-author

Post frequency: Weekly

David Priemer has quickly risen to the top of the sales training field. He brings his unique scientific approach and viewpoint to the sales world, offering posts that go well beyond simple lists and tips. He dives into new research, psychology, and exercises to help you change the way you think and the way you sell.

His unique recipe involves combining core principles found in science, empathy, and execution.

Our favorite post: Missing Key Details in Your Discovery Calls? Try this simple exercise

A Sales Guy
Best sales blog - A Sales GuyType: Single-author

Post frequency: Monthly

Jim Keenan, a well-known author and thought leader, founded A Sales Guy.

This sales blog offers many useful sales insights, but what truly sets it apart is its focus on recruiting and hiring top talent. If growing your sales team is on your radar for 2019, this blog is a great resource.

Our favorite post: Recruiting! The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Quotable Sales Blog (from Salesforce)

Best sales blog - QuotablePost frequency: Multiple posts/week

Sales professionals have probably used Salesforce more than any other tool in history. It makes sense that they’ve invested heavily in creating a top-of-the-line sales blog/podcast just for salespeople. Quotable stands apart from the rest of this list in two areas: the variety of authors and the sheer volume of content.

Quotable brings together some of the biggest names in sales in one place, offering one of the widest varieties of topics and perspectives on this list. These folks aren’t going to steer you wrong.

Our favorite post: What Salesforce Has Learned About Sales Development

Heinz Marketing

Best sales blog - Heinz Marketing

Type: Multi-author

Post frequency: Multiple posts/week

It’s a sign of how much marketing and inbound sales have drifted toward each other that a marketing blog has made this sales blog list, but Heinz Marketing offers some indispensable content for sales professionals.

From inbound to account-based sales and prospecting, this marketing and sales blog provides insights and resources that can benefit marketing and sales professionals alike. It also has a number of unique recurring series like “How I Work” and “App of the Week” and comes in a variety of formats including video and podcasts. 

Our favorite post: The 7 Proven Steps and the 3 Biggest Myths of ABM

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Best sales blog - LinkedIn Sales Solutions BlogType: Multi-author

Post frequency: Multiple posts/week

LinkedIn is another tool that’s become impossible for a sales rep to ignore. Its sales blog will ensure that you’re using the platform to maximum effect.

With a strong focus on social selling, LinkedIn Sales Solutions helps reps stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques in the ever-evolving arena of social selling. (The stats they claim on social selling aren’t too shabby either: 51% more likely to achieve quota. Worth a read.)

Our favorite post: The 6 Sales Skills That Will Make You Stand Out in 2019

The Sales Blog

Best sales blog - The Sales BlogType: Single-author

Post frequency: Multiple posts/week

Anthony Iannarino writes The Sales Blog. He’s the author of three books and a well-known thought leader in the sales community. He publishes new insights and tips to The Sales Blog dily, and has a no-nonsense approach to writing that’s a refreshing change from the average sales blog post.

His straightforward advice and suggestions make this sales blog a great stop for a daily dose of inspiration and new ideas. Your schedule is already crowded, so I haven’t recommended this new daily habit lightly. (And while you’re at it, his free e-books are worth a stop too.)

Our favorite post: Things Every Salesperson Should Know How to Do

OpenView Labs

Best sales blog - Openview

Type: Multi-author

Post frequency: Weekly

OpenView Partners is a venture capital firm with years of experience in investing and building sales teams for early-stage technology companies.

Their blog gives readers the same practical and strategic advice they offer to their portfolio companies. Their numerous authors cover a wide range of perspectives and dole out practical advice that sales managers will return to weekly. Who turns down free info from an outstanding collective of software experts?

Not us.

Our favorite post: If Your Sales Process Looks Like This, You’re Blowing Deals

Sales Source

Best sales blog - Sales source blog

Type: Single-author

Post frequency: Multiple posts/week

In this award-winning, sales-specific corner of Inc.com, author and professional speaker Geoffrey James shares his wisdom on a wide variety of topics including sales, marketing, and professional growth. If you’re looking for advice and insight that goes beyond the standard sales focus, Geoffrey’s daily posts are a great way to stay grounded and well informed.

Our favorite post: This Is the Best Sales and Networking Trick, Bar None=


Best sales blog - OutreachType: Multi-author

Post frequency: Multiple posts/week

If you’re a sales rep who loves dissecting every aspect of the sales cycle, this one’s for you. There’s plenty here on best practices in sales, with particular attention paid to outbound sales processes. From aggressive messaging, to consistency, and everything else outbound, this one hits the mark.

There’s even an little corner of this sales blog dedicated to stories from salespeople who have been through the ringer — folks who have taken some deep life lessons and applied them to their sales careers. It’s a spin on a sales blog that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our favorite post: Storytelling for Sales: How to Improve Your Narrative for the Modern Buyer


Best sales blog - SaaStrType: Multi-author

Post frequency: Weekly

SaaStr is one of the largest communities of SaaS founders and entrepreneurs in the world.

Their sales blog leverages the community’s collective wisdom and offers some of the best insights around.

They cover the SaaS industry and where it’s headed  and provide tactical advice for founders and sales leaders at SaaS organizations. What started as a small blog in 2012 has grown into a powerhouse of insight and influence.

Our favorite post: Why a Great Rep Can Close 9x More Than a Poor Rep, and Even 2.5x More Than a Good Rep

TopLine Leadership

est sales blog - Topline LeadershipType: Single-author

Post frequency: Monthly

TopLine Leadership’s sales blog gears its content toward sales managers and sales leaders.

Managing a sales team to maximum performance is one of the greatest challenges sales leaders face. That’s why TopLine Leadership focuses on motivation, coaching, and performance improvement. Their sales blog can definitely help you improve your team’s performance and processes.

Our favorite post: How to Confront an Under-Performing Salesperson

InsideSales.com’s Sales Blog

Best sales blog - InsideSalesType: Multi-author

Post Frequency: Multiple posts/week

This sales blog is about more than building pipeline, working the right leads, and closing them (which is where InsideSales usually plays). It’s a well-rounded look at sales and marketing, with plenty of content on offer about industry trends, management perspectives, and enterprise growth. This is what a sales blog should look like. It has something for everyone and doesn’t water anything down.

Our favorite post: 8 Things You Need to Know About Responding to Inbound Leads

Jill Konrath’s Fresh Sales Strategies

Best sales blog - Jill Konrath .Type: Single-author

Post frequency: Weekly

This sales blog is chock full of tips, and Jill introduces each one using a great story. Most sales blogs fail to capitalize on their writers’ personalities, but Jill combines firsthand accounts and sales tips like a storytelling pro. She writes the blog with sales professionals in mind, and her most frequent topics include sales prospecting, the success mindset, and working smarter. The learning feels effortless.

Our favorite post: 17 Essential Sales Assumptions

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And while you’re out there in sales blog land, let us know if there’s a sales leader we missed.

Anyone you’re addicted to who should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below:

Chris Orlob

Chris Orlob is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Gong.io

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