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Introducing Beat by Unparalleled Visibility into Sales Emails

March 20, 2019
Chris Orlob

Chris Orlob

Product News
Visibility into phone calls and web meetings is powerful, but it doesn’t give you the whole picture. Your team closes deals through a series of conversations that include emails. Often dozens of them. Those email conversations are a big part of any sales cycle. If you’re a sales leader, you’re in the dark about what’s happening there. You have to rely on anecdotes from your reps to understand what’s going on with an account. This filtered view can leave you surprised when you lose deals you thought were on the right track.

Introducing Beat

We’re thrilled to announce Beat™. It extends Gong visibility into ALL your customer conversations, including email. And it brings your customer conversations from every channel together in one timeline for each account or opportunity. Here’s what that looks like: Beat Beat™ connects directly to your email service (Google or Office 365) and captures email interactions between your team members and customers. You can drill down into their email conversations to get the full picture: You get an unfiltered view into your business like never before. Here’s why sales leaders are raving about it …

Supercharge your deal reviews. Win more deals.

Deal reviews are a game of “I said, they said.” And you’re stuck relying on anecdotes from your reps. Beat™ brings the facts to pipeline reviews. See every conversation for an account in a single place: calls, web meetings, and emails. Want to know where pricing was discussed? Simply search for “pricing” and Gong will show all emails and calls where pricing was discussed. This skyrockets productivity in your deal review sessions. You’ll win more deals as a result.

Stop deals from going south. No more surprises.

Beat™ helps you save deals before it’s too late. And if a deal has already gone south, you’ll know about it before you commit that deal to your forecast. You can see whether each deal has strong momentum or is fizzling out and needs your help. You’ll know whether each deal has a firm next step, which helps you speed up your sales cycle: Beat Next Steps

Here’s why REPS love it …

It’s not just sales leaders raving about Beat™. Reps love it too.
  • Prioritize your pipeline. See which deals need your attention now, and which ones are trending well.
  • Win more deals with help from your team. The whole team can now see every conversation in one place. Now you’re armed with the power of team selling. Think of it as a shared mailbox for each account.
  • Be prepared like never before. Get the scoop on previous conversations at a glance. See every past conversation your team members have had with an account.

People are RAVING about this…

“Game changer.” That’s the most common way people describe Beat™. Here are a few testimonials from people who had early access to Beat™.

Here’s what to do next

Want to see how Beat™ can help you win more deals and speed up your sales cycle? Click this banner to schedule your demo today: If you’re a customer, I have good news: You already have access to Beat™. Talk to your Customer Success Manager to get rockin’ and rollin’. Or, email our support team.

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