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Don’t Drop the Ball on Follow-Up: Announcing Action Items by

October 31, 2018
Chris Orlob

Chris Orlob

Product News

“Send us an invite for 3 PM next Tuesday,” said the VP of Sales. “I’ll get my CFO to join. But send your ROI study beforehand. He won’t join unless he knows how you’re thinking about ROI.” I had just wrapped up a demo with a key account and could feel the momentum. I quickly sent the calendar invite for Tuesday. But while I juggled 30 other deals in my pipeline, I completely forget to send the ROI study. When Tuesday came, the VP Sales canceled with a gruff note: “Chris, we never saw the ROI study. My CFO needs that before the meeting. We’ll have to reschedule. Can you please send that over first?” My heart sank. I sent it over and the meeting that should have happened that day got pushed out three weeks. Causing me to miss my number for the quarter.

Introducing Action Items

We’ve all heard that “fortune is in the follow-up.” That’s why we’re thrilled to bring you Action Items by Armed with Action Items, you’ll never let follow-up actions slip through the cracks again. It detects actions items discussed during your sales meetings, and sends you a reminder email about them after your call: Action Items Screen Shot Gong - Email With Action Items, you will:
  • Speed up your deal velocity. Keep things moving by quickly following up on every promise you make.
  • Stop deals from “going dark.” Follow-up items will never slip through the cracks again.
  • Build credibility with your buyer. Let them know they can rely on you with fast and reliable follow-up.

How the Magic Works uses machine learning to understand customer-facing conversations. It determines whether each statement in the conversation is an action item. If it is, Action Items adds it to a list and sends you an email so you remember to get it done. As we continue to develop Action Items, it will also remind you when action items are incomplete, in case you missed the initial email. Currently, you’ll see Action Items displayed in three areas. On the call review page: Action Items Screen Shot Gong As a Task description that’s automatically logged and tracked: Action Items Screen Shot Gong Salesforce Integration And finally, right after your call in your post-call email: Action Items Screen Shot Gong - Email As we continue to develop Action Items, you’ll see new improvements throughout the year, including “deal warnings.” Those are for calls that have no action items or whose action items are incomplete, putting the deal at risk.

Get it Today

This hot new addition to your Gong arsenal of weapons will save you the heartache of deals going dark. If you’re a customer, you’ll soon see Action Items in your call and post-call email summaries, as well as in Task descriptions. Talk to your Customer Success Manager or email us if you have any questions. Not a Gong customer yet? What are you waiting for? Book your live demo today!

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