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3 Secrets Sales Leaders Swear By

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No one said sales was fair.

Actually, it’s pretty darn unfair. 

AND: it just got worse.


Because the questions sales leaders had all-but-written-off as impossible to answer. Well, they just became answer-able.

And some sales leaders (1000 of them, give or take) are already getting ahead.

Questions like:

  • Which competitors are really coming up in my deals? Translation: no more guessing who’s stealing your lunch.
  • What does good look like for my team? That spells the end of improvised sales processes.
  • Where can each of my reps improve to become a top producer? That means turning your teams into a sales powerhouse. 

And it’s getting answers to those questions that makes sales leaders fall head over heels in love with Gong.

Here’s how they do it. That’s their secrets for you to see.

Warning: it’ll make your eyes pop out (in a good way).

#1: Who’s in your deals?

The “other guys”.

They’re good.

But they’re no match for Gong.

With Gong, you’ll know exactly who is stealing your lunch.

No more he-said, she-said about which competitors are in your deals.

Gong also shows you in which deals you have company, and at what stage your rivals are coming up. 

Which means no more swing deals closed-lost at the 11th hour.

And you’ll hear the talk tracks your top performers use in competitive deals.

Like that, your team can steal their playbook and stop losing winnable deals.

Here’s what it looks like:

It’s competitive intel like this that has sales leaders lining up around the block. 

And something tells me you’re gonna want to see it too: book a demo today

If you like what you see, you’ll like it even more when you see results by end of quarter.

#2: What does good look like?

And no, I don’t mean a “one-size-fits-all” good.

I mean Your Company, Inc’s definition of good.

Stuff that works for your team

Like how are your top performers running their calls? 

How do they set up the buying cycle. Who do they bring in their deals. What process do they follow. 

It’s in Gong.

How are they showing value?

The areas they spend time on. In what order. And with what words. 

In Gong.

And the best part?

You can get all of it. Without listening to every call (phew).

Here’s how it works:


At first, you won’t believe it.

We get it. Skepticism is a normal reaction to Gong.

But wait until you see a full cycle from contact to contract. Then, you’ll get it.

#3: Where can each rep improve?

Sorry, sales reps.

The days of sweeping a bad call under the carpet are over. 

But there’s also some good news.

Gong helps reps reach GOAT status.

That’s because it shows them how they stack up against their peers and industry best-practices.

Based on their stats from all their calls (no one-offs, no flukes, no mulligans).

With Gong, they each know where they have room to improve.

Now, it’s personal.

And reps get better because they can measure their progress. 

That way they can beat their personal best (and then beat that). Week-in, week-out.

I can’t tell you how Gong knows all that, but it does. And it works:

Michael Jordan rewatched every game.

He’d pick apart what worked. What didn’t. 

And used that to win run laps around the competition.

Oh, and a little inspiration from other top performers on the team never hurt (we won’t tell if you don’t).

What would happen if you did it too?

So Simple It’ll Feel Like Cheating

We didn’t say it.

They did:

“I personally have seen two of my reps go from ~50% meeting book rate to almost a 65% meeting book rate (a 15% gain) after using the tool for a quarter.”

“hearing directly from the voice of the customer, seeing reaction to presentations as well as being able to strategize with additional cross functional teams ahead of meetings with facts, not just opinions has helped me shrink our close times by 45 days.”

“This thing is a godsend. To be able to quickly identify where particular competitors, pain points, objections, etc come up in calls feels like magic. I also like how you can eavesdrop on a live call without joining it to listen to the rep for future coaching.”

I know what you’re thinking: 

What would this look like for my team?

Well the good news is we can show you (right down to the words it’ll pick up in your conversations).

Book a demo to find out how many of those pesky, impossible-to-answer questions Gong can really help you answer. 

See the magic of Gong in action

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