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RevOps is the 2024 MVP for pipeline growth


2024 is the year for RevOps to shine

On-Demand Webinar

RevOps, SalesOps, GTMOps. By any name, you’re the unsung hero of your revenue organization. It’s imperative that you have a seat at the table, so let’s make your value as clear as day.

Your CRO is on your case to improve seller productivity.

Your CFO doesn’t understand why they have to approve that new tool you asked for.

Your CEO wants a single source of truth for accurate revenue data. 

Sounds familiar? You’re not alone.

Take your seat at the table and make RevOps the star of your GTM org. In this exclusive webinar, Eric Choronzy, the CRO of Demand Science, will address your greatest concerns about revenue operations.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Make RevOps the star of your GTM org 
  • Clean your data and create measurable playbooks
  • Select the best AI tools for your sales organization

Prior to his role as CRO at DemandScience, Eric spent 15 years in sales and RevOps leadership in demand gen. He’s led successful teams of up to 100 sales reps and achieved 150M+ revenue. He built the foundation for the RevOps department at DemandScience.

take your seat at the table

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