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How ‘Seek Capital’ Nails Compliance at Scale and Retains Top Performers with AI

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On-Demand Webinar

Compliance standards are constantly evolving, and you can finally equip your teams to communicate these updates clearly and effectively to customers.

One of the top business financing companies has found a way to do just that. They harness cutting-edge technologies that empower their workforce and give them a decisive edge in the market.

Want to hear how they do it?

Watch our on-demand webinar with Roy Ferman, the CEO at Seek Capital, which has provided more than $400 million in funding to entrepreneurs since 2015. He’ll tell you how to use AI technology to your advantage in three key areas:

  • Identify compliance risks at scale using customized AI models
  • Gain complete visibility into financial advisors’ customer interactions to boost coaching efforts
  • Increase rep productivity using AI-driven automation and guidance

Featured Speakers

Roy Ferman CEO Seek Capital
Sharon Savariego VP of Product Innovation Gong

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