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Here are the 11 best discovery call tips you’ll read this year

By Chris Orlob, March 27, 2019

In the Gong Labs series, you get insanely great sales tips from our AI-driven research into sales conversations. Subscribe here. Are you looking to set your discovery calls on FIRE? 🔥 Well, this might be the most important thing you’ll read this year. You’ll see why in a minute. But First… A Disclaimer: These tips are NOT for beginners. […]

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Get Full Visibility Into Every Deal. Introducing Clari +

By Chris Orlob, March 7, 2019

We’re thrilled to announce our integration with Clari’s Connected Revenue Operations platform. Clari helps increase win rates, shorten sales cycles, and improve forecast accuracy. How? It automatically captures and analyzes opportunity data and predicts which deals will close and which are at risk. Before now, Clari didn’t look inside sales conversations, let alone feed conversation […]

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Here are 7 (unfair) ways to crush your competition in sales

By Chris Orlob, February 21, 2019

In the Gong Labs series, you get fresh research from the analysis of sales conversations with AI. Subscribe here to get insanely great sales tips. Tired of losing deals to your competition? Let’s fix that for good. You’re going to learn seven super-effective tactics for crushing your competition. The best part? None of them involve dropping your price. Each of […]

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7 Elements of “Insanely” Persuasive Sales Product Demos

By Chris Orlob, February 1, 2019

If doing a sales product demo FEELS easy and intuitive, watch out. Even if you have lots of product knowledge, doing a product demo persuasively is hard and counterintuitive. That’s right, COUNTERINTUITIVE. What do I mean? I mean that what feels right during a sales product demo usually causes failure. For example, it probably feels right and intuitive to do a “ramp up” product demo. That’s when […]

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How to Use Social Proof to Close More Sales

By Chris Orlob, January 11, 2019

Social proof can be one of your most powerful sales techniques. If used the right way. Many of the top sales methodologies include its use at some phase or another. But unfortunately, it’s often misapplied. And when it’s misapplied, it creates some formidable sales objections that you’ll need to handle. Let me walk you through […]

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Top 12 Sales Methodologies: How to Choose the Right One

By Chris Orlob, January 5, 2019

The best sales methodology for your situation will change; it’s not static. Your company needs different sales methodologies at different stages of its maturity. The sales process that works in one stage of your company’s growth may actually harm it at a different stage. You often have to reverse your prior sales methodologies, even if they were once successful. For too […]

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