Tracking the Adoption and Performance of Strategic Initiatives

Ingredients: Smart Trackers, Initiatives, Market Insights

What is it?

Companies invest significantly in identifying strategic initiatives and training their teams on them. However, data shows that over 70% of these strategic initiatives fail because companies can’t track whether their team actually implemented the new messaging in sales conversations or how it’s performing.  

Who is it for?

Without data, CROs and sales leaders have no way of determining whether messaging and talk tracks related to their strategic initiatives are even making it to their sales teams’ conversations. Gong gives them the visibility to track the adoption of these initiatives across different teams, regions, specific reps, and more; understand their performance; and course-correct in real time. 


How does Gong help out?

With Gong, sales leaders get access to data from their sales teams’ conversations so they can track the adoption and performance of their strategic initiatives and make changes in real time. Some of Gong’s built-in features include: 

  • An Initiatives board where you can see how initiatives are being adopted by your teams, compare adoption, and view trends over time.

  • Smart Trackers that let Gong users teach the system to locate very specific concepts, regardless of the wording, so Gong can leverage AI to identify them in past and new calls.
  • Scorecards that can help you gather both quantitative call-scoring data and qualitative information about the quality of your initiative’s delivery on the front lines. 
  • Deal insights (Deals → Win/Loss) that let team members review tracker data in the context of wins and losses so they can make sure a new initiative’s messaging is having a positive impact on the business.

How does it work?

1. Create Smart Trackers for your new messaging

Work with your initiative’s program manager to build Smart Trackers that capture the concepts addressed by the new messaging you want to track so you can understand if and when reps are using it in conversations. This gives you a way to quantify the adoption and performance of that messaging.

2. Create an Initiative Board to track adoption

Set up an Initiative Board (Insights > Initiatives) with your trackers to track the adoption of the messaging on a weekly or monthly basis. Use this space to determine trends and course-correct in real time.

3. Use Scorecards to improve delivery of messaging

Complete scorecards to give structured feedback on calls, particularly on how the new strategic messaging is delivered. Two scorecards per rep per week should be enough to provide actionable feedback and help team members course-correct.

4. Review Win/Loss insights to see the impact

Go over your Win/Loss report (Deals > Win/Loss) to drill down into different trackers alongside wins or losses. These insights make it possible to understand how a particular strategic initiative is performing and affecting the business.


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