The Golden Gong Awards recognize companies that are using Gong’s AI-powered platform to innovate and transform their revenue organizations, boost productivity, and drive more sales.

The Transformer

WalkMe addressed its lack of visibility by adopting features within Gong, leading to improved win rates and forecast accuracy. This strategic shift to Gong facilitated better decision-making, resource allocation, and a consolidated view of sales activities for improved engagement with prospects.

2024 Winner

The Bar Raiser

Fireblocks increased deal capacity per sales rep by 20 percent, along with an increase in new logo win rate. This transformation allowed them to centralize insights, streamline the sales process, and identify productivity areas for sellers through forecasting, deal tracking, and insights gathering.

2024 Winner

The Strategist

Trimble has used Gong to gain visibility into trends amongst their client base and prioritize their enablement needs. This led to decreased customer deal cycle time for its Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner (AECO) software sales.

2024 Winner

Revenue team of the year

Hearst tackled pipeline management and forecasting accuracy issues with Gong and established a new standard for excellence. This transformation streamlined processes, improved collaboration, and boosted their win rate by one third.

2024 Winner


As the person responsible for the strategy and implementation of Advantive’s tech stack, Chad has used Gong to improve productivity and performance of their sellers. This has led to a significant increase in conversion rates and improved forecasting accuracy with Gong.

2024 Winner

Chad Boersma Manager, Revenue Operations


As a game-changing revenue leader, Mark has adapted to shifting market needs, driving new initiatives, and boosting team productivity . Using Gong to surface critical data and insights, they’ve helped increase win rates and improve revenue.

2024 Winner

Mark Woodhams Chief Revenue Officer

Enablement Leader of the Year

As a seasoned enablement leader, Nate has used his data driven approach to help GTM teams thrive. With Gong, Nate has helped double the team’s win rate at Databricks.

2024 Winner

Nate Vogel Vice President, Global Sales & Partner Enablement

Customer Success Leader of the Year

With Gong, Erin has elevated customer engagements and renewal health through scalable coaching, enablement, and initiatives.

2024 Winner

Erin Bowers Director of Customer Success


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