Gong.io Inc. (“Gong”) has prepared this Supplier Code of Conduct (“Code”) to communicate Gong’s expectations of all of our suppliers providing goods and services to us, our subsidiaries and affiliates. 

We expect our suppliers to monitor compliance with this Code and to take reasonable steps to address, remedy, and prevent a breach of this Code. 

Compliance with our Code may be used as part of our supplier evaluation, selection, and vendor management process. We reserve the right to verify your compliance with the Code and expect your cooperation as may reasonably be required to make this assessment. When a supplier does not meet our requirements, or refuses to take corrective action after repeatedly and knowingly violating the Code, we may terminate our relationship with such supplier.

Supplier Responsibilities

  1. All new and existing suppliers are required to comply with the Code and meet the standards and principles set out in this Code.  
  2. Legal compliance
    • Our suppliers must comply with the laws and regulations of the applicable legal systems in which they operate or conduct business.
  3. Ethics, anti-bribery, anti-money laundering and corruption, and sanctions
    • Our suppliers must comply with all applicable laws relating to the prevention of bribery, corruption, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, or similar activities;
    • Our suppliers must avoid any conflicts of interest that may influence or appear to influence the business relationship between us and the supplier;
    • Our suppliers must respect, and take reasonable steps to protect, our intellectual property rights, as well as the intellectual property rights of third parties;
    • Our suppliers must comply with all applicable sanctions laws, export control laws, and customs regulations. In all dealings with us, our suppliers must not engage, directly or indirectly, in trade activities or include in their supply chain any goods or services sourced from sanctioned persons, countries, or organizations; and
    • Our suppliers must protect the privacy of personal information of everyone with whom they conduct business to ensure that personal data is effectively protected and used only for legitimate purposes.
  4. Human rights and labor practices
    • Our suppliers, whether directly or through their supply chain, must comply with all applicable human rights related laws in respect of their employees; 
    • Our suppliers must refuse to tolerate unacceptable treatment of their employees (i.e., mental cruelty, sexual harassment, abuse, corporal punishment, or any other action or inhumane treatment that is sexual, coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative);
    • Our suppliers must comply with all applicable discrimination laws and strive to promote equal opportunities and treatment of their employees, irrespective of skin color, race, nationality, ethnicity, political affiliation, social background, disabilities, gender, sexual identity and orientation, marital status, religious conviction, or age;
    • Our suppliers must permit their workers to associate freely, bargain collectively, and seek representation in accordance with local laws; and
    • Our suppliers must conduct their business activities in a manner which respects human rights and must not hold another person in slavery or servitude, employ, engage, or otherwise use, forced or compulsory labor, trafficked labor or child labor.
  5. Health and Safety
    1. Our suppliers must comply with all applicable and relevant health and safety laws.
  6. Environmental and Sustainability 
    1. Our suppliers must comply with all applicable environmental laws; and
    2. Our suppliers must strive to make reasonable efforts to improve their sustainability performance, and to the extent applicable, monitor, treat and reduce hazardous air emissions, wastewater and waste generated from its operations.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Code, please contact Gong.io’s Legal Team (legal@gong.io).