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Fast & Effective Follow-Up

Gong’s ‘Points of Interest’ feature provides the information and context necessary to create thorough and personalized follow-up in a fraction of the time it would take to listen to an entire call.

Identify At-Risk Deals

Gong’s Deal Intelligence brings together every interaction from all of your deals into a single view to provide a clear picture of which deals are really on track to close. And more importantly…which ones are at risk so you can turn your attention to those deals that need the extra push to get them over the finish line.

Calls: Review The Game Tape

The best sales reps and managers are always looking for ways to level up their game. Exploring your calls to evaluate yourself and better understand how you’re showing up is one of the best ways to improve your performance. Let’s explore these areas while showing you the most effective places to find call insights.

Compare Stats to Boost Your Game

Top reps are consistently looking for ways to adjust and improve upon their sales approach. An effective way to identify areas needing improvement is to periodically review your call stats and metrics and compare them to others on your team. What are the top sales reps doing during their calls that you aren’t?

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