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This free masterclass covers essential onboarding and ongoing sales development strategies that you and your team can use immediately. Everyone from new ICs to experienced sales managers will learn how to accelerate ramp-up times, enhance skill sets, and consistently achieve high performance on the path to President’s Club.

What you’ll get in the masterclass:

FOR Leaders

From onboarding to ongoing rep development, learn how to build a powerhouse of President’s Club winners year after year.

FOR Sellers

Whether you’re new on the job or a seasoned rep, master the essential skills for up-leveling your game to make it to President’s Club forever.


Build a powerhouse team of P-Club winners.

Learn the secrets to an effective 30-day onboarding program, hear a successful case study from a seasoned sales leader, and discover strategies for ongoing coaching to continuously improve your team’s sales performance.

Build the perfect 30-day onboarding plan

The first 30 days set the tone for your team’s success — yet most onboarding plans fail. We’ll cover why (and what to do instead).

See successful onboarding in action

Put your plan to work with a live, month-over-month overview of what a truly effective sales onboarding program looks like.

Drive continuous success with ongoing training

Onboarding is just the beginning. We’ll show you how to reinforce success continuously with ongoing training and coaching.


Make it to President’s Club again, and again, and again.

Learn how to prepare for a strong start before your first day, master key steps for an effective onboarding period, and get valuable tips on self-coaching and ongoing skill development to secure your ticket to President’s Club forever.

Ramp before your first day

Want a quick leg up over everyone else? Prepare before you start. Learn what to do, what to be ready for, and how to approach onboarding.

Hit the ground running

Nail your first 30 days and put yourself on the fast track to P-Club by finding quick wins, tiering accounts, and mastering essential talk tracks.

Make it to President’s Club — forever

We’ll teach you how to approach self-coaching and independent development to secure your ticket to P-Club every year.

The Path to President’s Club starts now.

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