Gong Forecast

Pinpoint and hit your revenue targets

Stop fueling forecasts with second-hand insights and outdated CRM fields. Book a demo to see how Gong Forecast can help you drive forecast accuracy, actionability, and accountability.

Predict revenue outcomes with unmatched accuracy

Triangulate your number and pressure test your call against objective, AI-powered forecast projections. Gong leverages 300+ unique signals to predict deal outcomes with 20% more precision than algorithms based solely on CRM data.

Connect insight to action and win high-impact deals

Boost manager capacity and raise rep performance with AI that helps teams prioritize and win the deals that matter. Accelerate sales execution with workflows to resolve deal risks, progress pipeline, and personalize account engagement in a single platform.

Streamline team workflows and data in one place

Stay ahead of pipeline risks and optimize revenue performance, with sales analytics that bring deal, pipeline, and team insights into a single view.


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