The Ultimate Sales Coaching Platform

Gong helps you understand what sets your top performers apart. Level up your entire team’s
selling skills so they can close more deals.

What is People Intelligence?

It’s true visibility into how your reps and your managers are performing
every day, with AI-recommendations that help them reach their peak.

Real-time visibility into rep and manager activity gives you the full picture

AI extracts hard data for soft skills pinpointing opportunities for growth

AI recommends
best practices based on top-performances

Goodbye, Opinions. Hello, Reality.

Gong is a light in the dark

No more opinions. With Gong, you’ll get hard data on how each of your team members is performing vs. the rest of the team and industry benchmarks so you can provide personalized coaching based on data, not guesswork.

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Increase of booked meetings by SDRs

Stats and bechmarks
Data driven

Personalized coaching recommendations per rep

Gong highlights exactly what each rep needs to do differently to be more effective and close more deals. That lets you unlock each rep’s full potential.

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Reduction of time in opportunity to close

Create a team of A-players

Gong’s insights help you move your team’s B and C players into the big leagues and increase the number of reps who hit (and exceed!) their numbers.

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Increase in lead- to- opportunity rates

Shimona Mehta

Working with Gong has exponentially improved our ability to build a learning environment for our sales team and empower our sales coaches to support our reps in their development.

Shimona Mehta Head of Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Shopify Plus

If you want to get smarter about what your sales reps are saying on the phone — how you want to improve — you need Gong to get these insights.

Veit Albert VP of Sales at

With Gong, everyone at Pendo can get closer to the customer. We’re trying to facilitate an incredible experience and without insights, we wouldn’t be in the position we are today.

Michael Hoy Director of Corporate Sales at Pendo

Here’s why managers love it: