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Unlock your sales potential: 10 free (and essential) templates

December 23, 2021
Jonathan Costet

Jonathan Costet

Selling Skills

Sales templates help guide new and seasoned salespeople

If done well, they serve as a starting point for various steps along the sales process — incorporating best practices and often company and product-specific messaging.

However, most sales templates are not backed by data and science.

Good news:

These are 100% backed by Gong sales stats.

How Do We Get These Stats?

If you know anything about Gong*, you know our team and Revenue Intelligence platform analyzes customer-facing interactions across phone, email, and web conferencing to deliver teams the insights they need to close more deals. We help move organizations to reality-based performance with autonomous insights to help guide teams.

*If you are new here, welcome!

It looks something like this:

So yeah. These are not your typical sales templates. They are based on data. And stats. And insight … from real customer interactions.

Let’s look at each of the 10 free sales templates.

11, yeah, 11! highly persuasive sales email templates

We are starting with the mother lode of sales email templates. These 11 sales email templates guide you through the complete sales cycle — from prospecting to follow-ups to multi-threading, to negotiating … to the close.

And let’s be honest, email can be tricky — challenging to write compelling subject lines with killer copy and a hard-to-resist CTA. 

We’ve got you. And, of course, all 11 sales templates are backed by data and science (see intro above). 

These sales email templates showcase the importance of persuasion to help book more meetings and, ultimately, close more deals.

We share some of the psychology behind these sales emails, and — bonus — they are wickedly simple to use.

We call ‘em “copy-paste-win.” Easy button. Speaking of easy, you can customize each sales template for your company’s specific needs. Finally, these sales emails are designed to increase reply rates and fast-track deal cycles.

Grab the FREE templates now.

The BEST sales deck ever.

Case closed. Done and done. 

This is the best (free) sales deck (template) ever created in the history of the world.

Yeah. Okay. That’s a bit hyperbolic.

But this sales deck template is excellent, and it is backed by Gong data and science — a fact that does not exist for many sales templates (especially the free ones).

Let’s take a step back. A good sales deck can make or break a deal. You are less likely to close a deal if your deck presentation is loooooonnnngggg (see: 9-minute the rule). The same goes for sales decks that are shared during discovery calls.

The above are examples of how we use data to drive our insights and help inform what our free sales templates look like.

This free template will drive up engagement and create instant urgency for your buyers. We’ll show you the 5 “low point” slides you can immediately ax from your deck — these underperforming slides not only do NOT help move deals forward but actually detract from your pitch. 

Our free sales deck template helps you perfect the psychological levers necessary to deliver high-converting sales presentations. Every. Single. Time.

Score this free sales template today.

The battle card sales template

The sales battle card. 

A salesperson’s best friend … if done correctly.

Sales battle cards are essential sales enablement tools — providing the key messaging, competitor information, pricing, possible objections (and how to “handle” them), and general guidelines on how to close more/bigger deals faster.

When you have the best of the best sales battle cards, you have what we call “an unfair advantage.”

And let’s face it, in sales, we LOVE unfair advantages. 

Battle card sales templates built using real data from actual customers (see: Gong) are like gold. They give you the upper hand, the edge.

Read more about battle cards here — what characteristics they all have and do not have.

And then grab our battle card template for ultra-competitive deals.

This free template has it all to help you: 

  • Create the ideal talk track
  • Introduce effective (social and other) proof
  • Control the narrative and go on the offensive are you different” question.

So go. Go battle.

Snag this free sales template.

Your one and only sales proposal template

The sales proposal is one of the most important documents you will ever send out as a salesperson. 

It (usually) signals you are closing in on a new logo, a new customer.

Yet too often, reps get to this point in the sales cycle and drop the ball or miss the boat or [insert another “oops, I tanked” colloquialism].

What you need is a sales proposal template that is supported by data and science, and insights. Again, enter Gong.

Confession: This “template” is actually a 9-slide sales proposal deck template.

This free template, err, 9-slide deck, is guaranteed* to help you close that next deal.

*Disclaimer: Obviously, we cannot guarantee you close your next deal using this template. However, our data show you are more likely to bring it across the finish line.

This fill-in-the-blanks sales proposal template is chock full of tips and tricks used by the top salespeople — tactics they use to grow their ACV (and commission). In addition, the deck includes shortcuts to prove value to your soon-to-be customer, instructions to avoid sales proposal red flags and move straight to what your prospect wants to hear.

Download the template/deck today and get ‘em to sign on the dotted line.

The CFO letter template

The Chief Financial Officer. The CFO. The person who can say yes (or no) and seal (or kill) your deal.

The CFO is your friend (or enemy). Or … frenemy. They can be the roadblock to moving your deal forward. They can also be the key to a closed-won status. 

The job of a CFO is relatively straightforward: Identify risks. See downsides. Ensure a positive ROI. 

You will likely encounter the CFO on your journey down the sales funnel, so it’s in your best interest to know how to speak with her.

We used our Revenue Intelligence platform to understand the best way to address the CFO. We also chatted with the Gong CFO, Tim Riitters. Here is what he shared:

The best way to get a deal done today is to prove how you’re going to help increase remote productivity, enhance visibility into their business, and/or increase agility. You have to come prepared to show how a specific investment will save the company hard dollars. The bar for measurable and rapid Return on Investment is much higher than it was before.”

Download the CFO letter now.

The Sales Coaching Template

Warning: This free sales template is only for sales teams that are (or aspire to be) high-performing. Continue reading at your own “risk.”

Here at Gong, we are all about sales — specifically sales coaching. We pride ourselves on being the ultimate coaching platform (among other things — see: giving your teams and leadership complete visibility into all deals, team performance, and market changes).

And the numbers speak for themselves. So does Drew Hamilton, the Chief Sales Officer at Kareo: 

“Our close rates are up 30% from Q4 last year to Q1 this year. On the new hire side, we’ve cut onboarding ramp time by 20%. And our sales cycle has been cut in half. Gong has played a big role in all of those metrics. It’s been a huge part of our success.”

From self-coaching (“game tape for sales professionals”) to manager-led coaching (“identify sales coaching needs of every rep”), our Revenue Intelligence platform has you covered.

But where do you start? Our (free) Sales Coaching Template, of course.

This sales template details a 5-point framework elite sales managers use to get their coaching to pay dividends. We’ll share three coaching opportunities that exist, yet you may not even know are there. This template will help you and your team: 

  • Boost win rates;
  • Improve deal momentum; and
  • Skip past common – and unproductive – coaching mistakes.

Grab the sales template now.

free template for sales teams

3 sales call scripts

There is nothing like a good sales script.

From a sales manager’s perspective, it keeps your reps on message. From a sales rep’s perspective, it gives you a place to start.

However, most sales scripts are old and outdated, not keeping up with how sales are made in the present day … the 2020s. 

That’s why we created these (free) Gong sales call scripts and broke them down into 3 main categories:

  1. Cold call
  2. Discovery call
  3. Demo call

Oh, and if you know a thing or two about Gong, you are well aware that we live in a data-driven world. Our sales call scripts have been developed using what we know works. Goodbye Opinions. Hello, Reality.

The three sales call scripts are yours.

THE sales strategy template

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” — Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu in The Art of War.

So yeah, strategy matters. A lot.

In fact, we wrote an entire blog post about outlining the 7-Step Sales Strategy Framework. As we said, “while tactics are important, a sound sales strategy is critical to improving your closed/won ratio.”

Also, in that aforementioned post, we detail those 7 strategy steps — from building an ideal account profile to setting up buyer profiles/personas to creating a market-driven sales process … we’ve got you covered.

So go read that blog post and then, for the cherry on top, get yourself a copy of the high-growth sales strategy template

This sales template will help you DOMINATE your market and build your sales engine. We’ll also share the #1 sales strategy blunder (spoiler alert: it’s poor targeting). Its’ just as important (if not more important) to know who TO target as it is to know who NOT to target. This sales template will help you build your Ideal Account Profile (IAP) and own your Total Addressable Market (TAM).

Score the templates now.

The sales forecasting template

Sales forecasting is part of the job of sales, especially if you are a sales manager.

But far too often, sales reps and managers are forecasting on gut feeling or doing their best estimates, best guesses.

Gong eliminates the guesswork and introduces reality into your sales pipeline, and therefore, your sales forecasting.

Gong’s sales forecasting software collects data from each point of contact with customers and analyzes exactly where you stand on every deal. Let AI deliver the insights you need to make informed business decisions.

We help teams gain total visibility into their pipeline (including where the risk may lie), help your team forecast confidently, and accelerate pipeline reviews.

Sounds not so bad, right?

Check out this sales forecast template for sales managers (Excel) to start forecasting with accuracy, identifying pipeline gaps, and — kinda sorta very important — ensure your team hits its number.

We did the hard work for you (no need for “thanks”). There are just a handful of cells where you need to input team-specific data. The rest? Premade formulas. We’ve got reports for Weekly Forecast, Total Pipeline Coverage, Weighted Pipeline Coverage, Pipeline Calculator, and more. 

Snag the sales forecast template now.

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