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Qu’est-ce qui distingue les plus performants? Quelles transactions comportent le plus de risques ? Quels messages résonnent auprès de vos acheteurs ? Obtenez une démo pour voir comment Gong peut vous aider.

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7 Tactics to ace group sales calls

The data is clear: group calls increase close rates.
BUT more people = more potential problems. Work your Zoom grid like a Rubik’s Cube and get deals inked with these expert tips for group sales presentations. Use these 7 tactics to sidestep group call fails and land in the hall of fame.

What you’ll learn
  • Run money-making multiplayer sales calls
    Group calls are a prime buying signal. Use these tactics to turn interest into evaluation (and commission).
  • Avoid this question at all costs
    This question comes almost naturally in a group setting. Unlearn this bad selling habit and add some serious horsepower to your next group call.
  • How top sellers use group psychology
    Human beings act differently in groups. Learn these principles to get buyers to produce the social cues that get other participants to engage.
How to use them
  • Pick up this 15-minute habit
    It’s how top earners use their champion to step into group calls prepared. And step out with new champions.
  • Your (secret) goal in group calls
    Your deal depends on it. Learn how elite sellers speak to power while creating buy-in from their peers.
  • The #1 missed opportunity
    The countdown to capitalize on your group call starts when you hit “Leave meeting.” Do this after hanging up (or risk moving your deal from “commit” to “best case”).


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