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Gong Announces Complete Sales Coaching Solution for Remote Work

[San Francisco, CALIFORNIA, December 16, 2020] – Gong, the revenue intelligence platform leveraging artificial intelligence to transform revenue teams, announced today the launch of its Complete Coaching solution, to provide a virtual coaching platform for sales teams operating in the new, ongoing reality of remote work. According to a Gartner survey, 82% of company leaders plan to allow employees to work remotely to some degree in the future, and nearly half (47%) said that they would allow all employees to work remotely full-time going forward. As a result, coaching, especially for sales teams, must undergo a digital transformation to account for the coaching challenges that are exacerbated in remote environments. 

Sales has always been driven by in-person engagements, whether it’s learning through osmosis on the “sales floor” or overhearing how colleagues handle a tough objection from a nearby desk. And then seemingly overnight, those growth opportunities disappeared as the pandemic forced sales teams to work remotely.  To address the issue, Gong created its Complete Coaching solution, to give sales leaders complete visibility of coaching moments across the team during every interaction of the sales lifecycle. 

Gong introduced Complete Coaching to specifically address what customers said they need — a coaching assistant that goes beyond calls and front-line managers. 

With Gong’s latest coaching development, sales managers can easily identify what percentage of a sales rep’s deals don’t have the decision maker involved, the number of engagements their team had before a deal was closed, how frequently managers are providing feedback, and much more. For the first time in the history of sales, multi-million dollar deals are being closed on Zoom and now managers will have complete and consistent visibility into when coaching advice is required, with the ability to customize their approach with each team member based on Gong’s revenue intelligence. 

Virtual coaching won’t work unless it’s comprehensive, consistent, and customized. Gong’s solution is the only complete offering in the market providing:

  • Comprehensive visibility of success drivers and coaching moments across an entire team during all interactions of a deal including email, conference calls, mobile calls, etc. — with the latest product addition, Deal Drivers.
  • Consistent coaching moments with tools that enable reps to request and receive timely feedback, automatic notifications for managers to coach their reps, and ability for senior leadership to coach the coaches — with the latest product additions, Coaching Metrics and Coaching Digest.
  • Customized and personalized coaching tactics based on individual learning styles and preferences. For example, understand who needs to be coached next, on which sales skills, and with specific call examples for reference  — with the latest product addition, Coaching Inbox.

Visualize skill gaps across your team’s deals (e.g. are we connected to power) — with the latest product addition, Deal Drivers

A number of Gong customers are already seeing the benefits of Complete Coaching in action. In fact, real users rated Gong as the #1 market leader in the Sales Coaching Software category by G2.  

“As a brand new manager in 2020, and having implemented Gong within my first 90 days, it will forever be the way I coach my salespeople. We really value a coaching culture at my company and this is the tool that helps make that a reality,” said brightwheel Sales Manager, Kayla Jones. 

“Gong has provided a platform to build our culture of development and coaching. This layer of visibility is invaluable in the new normal,” said LogMeIn Sales Manager, Sam Simon.

Organizations like Genesys, Slack, Shopify Plus and more rely on Gong for its Complete Coaching platform. According to a recent customer survey, of companies that utilize Complete Coaching: 

  • 60% decreased ramp time
  • 47% improved win rate
  • 29% decreased sales cycle
  • 20% increased deal size

“According to CSO Insights, 75% of sales organizations waste resources due to random and informal coaching approaches,” said Julien Sauvage, Gong’s VP of Product Marketing. “Our goal with Complete Coaching is to provide an end-to-end, easy to use coaching solution for sales professionals that is based on reality versus opinions. Never before has this much intel been at the fingertips of sales teams for them to create and sustain a culture of coaching and development, which is particularly critical right now given remote work.”

For more information about Complete Coaching and to request a demo, visit  

About Gong

Gong enables revenue teams to realize their fullest potential by unveiling their customer reality. The patented Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform™ captures and understands every customer interaction, then delivers insights at scale, empowering revenue teams to make decisions based on data instead of opinions. Over 1,400 innovative companies like Zillow, Slack, PayPal, Twilio, Shopify, Hubspot, SproutSocial, Zoominfo, Outreach, MuleSoft, and LinkedIn trust Gong to power their customer reality. With Gong, customers experience improved win rates, increased deal sizes, and accelerated employee ramp-times. Gong is a private company headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.



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