Make every call better than your last. Rally around a unified message and sales strategy.

Hi. I’m Kara Kayrouz, your Strategic Account Executive. Please play this 90-second video where I introduce myself!

Join thousands of winning sales teams using Gong

How you’ll use it at TEKsystems

Intro to Gong

Here’s what you need to know before you get started with Gong.

Gong for sales managers

Learn how Gong can support coaching and deal execution.

Gong for sales enablement

Understand how the market is responding to your messaging. Onboard reps effectively.

Gong for account managers & recruiters

Make every call better than your last. Focus on the call, let Gong take your notes.


Watch us break down a call with teksystems’ david spires— inside gong

How you’ll use it at TEKsystems

Why senior technical sellers love Gong

Learn how senior reps leverage Gong as a next-level collaboration tool to drive forward complex deals.

The 5 secrets to a wildly successful Gong roll out

There’s a right way to roll out Gong. Learn these 5 secrets and watch your team be wildly successful when implementing Gong.


3 sales reps from 3 companies share why they love gong

How you’ll use it at TEKsystems

How LinkedIn achieved revenue success with Gong

Hear from David Ellis, Director of Sales at LinkedIn, how his team achieved revenue success using Gong’s Revenue Intelligence Platform.

Build a coaching culture with Gong

Learn how Hubspot uses Gong to know which training programs are working, ramp reps faster, and build a culture of coaching and development.

Shopify empowers sales coaches to support reps

Perfectly aligned with their culture of learning, Gong was able to help coaches and reps at Shopify Plus work together to improve their strengths as salespeople.

Revenue Intelligence at ThoughtSpot

Learn how an Enterprise Account Executive at ThoughtSpot uses Gong to streamline notetaking, uplevel deal reviews, and collaborate cross-functionally for a unified sales message and cycle.

Gong in the News

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Kara Kayrouz

Strategic Account Executive

Danit Drory

Senior Sales Development

Bob Spina

VP Sales, Strategic Accounts

Ryan DeForest

Senior Manager, Sales Engineering