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Sales Productivity Software: Save Time, Generate More Revenue

Turn great reps into superstars with Gong’s sales productivity software. Gong integrates with your CRM tools and uses machine learning to automatically identify at -risk- deals and provide reps with the best next steps. The result? Your sales team can spends more time selling and less time worrying about the little things.

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What is sales Productivity software?

Sales productivity software improves sales efficiency by providing personalized recommendations and automating time-consuming tasks. This technology offers a comprehensive view of the sales pipeline, enabling accurate forecasting and identification of key deals.

It assists in delivering tailored coaching to sales reps, focusing on individual performance improvement. By automating tasks like drafting emails and scheduling meetings, the software significantly enhances rep productivity.

Advanced AI analyzes sales interactions, suggesting optimal next steps and highlighting at-risk deals for proactive management. Additionally, it supports coaching and onboarding with features like call recording and analysis, smart trackers, and scorecards.

Sales productivity software is a strategic asset for sales teams, aiding in decision-making and boosting overall sales effectiveness.

Why Invest in SAles Productivity Software?

Sales productivity software helps your reps sell more efficiently by recommending next steps and automating tasks.

Get full visibility into your entire sales pipeline your leads

No more guessing which deals will close (and which ones won’t). Get insights into your sales pipeline and forecast with pinpoint accuracy.

Serve up next steps based on data-driven insights

Gong’s powerful AI analyzes every sales interaction and helps your reps find the next best steps to maintain deal momentum.

Deliver personalized coaching for each rep.

Identify areas for improvement for each salesperson and deliver personalized recommendations based on actual data.

Highlight at-risk deals and create an action plan

Never let a deal slip away again. Gong helps you spot at-risk deals early, so you can coach your reps on the right actions to move them towards closed-won.

Top Benefits of Sales Productivity Software

Buyer Interaction

Sales professionals don’t close deals by staring at blank screens; they do it by engaging and interacting with buyers. But they need the right sales tools to help them keep deals moving in the right direction. Gong’s sales productivity software enables reps to identify and focus on the activities that lead to more closed-won deals.


Get insights into your top performers, so that you can replicate their plays. See what your reps struggle with and build personalized coaching plans to help them reach their sales goals.

Decision Making

Make decisions based on reality, not gut instincts. Take the guesswork out of forecasting your sales revenue.

Strategic Initiatives

Gong’s sales productivity tool provides the kinds of insights that sales managers need to inform strategic initiatives and drive bigger results.

REasons Sales Managers (and reps) Use Sales Productivity Software

voice of the customer software


Sales Reps Love It

Rep don’t have to waste time digging through their notes. Because every interaction is recorded, reps can search the database and review a conversation before jumping on a call.


Record, transcribe, and analyze calls

Gong not only records and transcribes every interaction but it also derives insights that help you answer questions like: What deals should you include in your forecast? What talk tracks are your top reps using? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Reason #3

Use AI to identify at-risk deals

One of the top challenges for reps is knowing where to spend their time. Sales productivity software helps you identify at-risk deals in your pipeline, so you can proactively step in before a deal slips away

Reason #4

Get real-time insights and advice

Which talk tracks result in positive outcomes? What messaging leads to more booked meetings? You’ll find these insights and more with Gong.

Reason #5

Create a database of coachable moments

Find out exactly what separates your top reps — and replicate their best plays across your entire sales team. Create a library of winning playbooks that your reps can follow to hone their skills.

Reason #6

Ramp up new hires faster

Gong enables you to create a library of best practices and “battle -tested” talk tracks, so you can effectively cut onboarding time from weeks to days.

How Sales PRoductivity Software Helps Sales Teams Close More Deals

Understand which deals are on track to close and which ones are at risk of slipping away. Integrate with your favorite apps and automate administrative tasks to boost your team’s productivity.

What is Gong’s platform?

Gong’s Sales productivity platform captures buyer-facing interactions across phone, email, and web conferencing. It also features power sales automation tools that aid sales productivity by recommending next steps, so reps never have to wonder what they should be doing next.

How does it work?

Gong uses AI to recommend next steps and even automate low-value tasks. For example, instead of reminding reps to follow up with a decision-maker, Gong will draft the emails for them to review and send. Integrations with platforms like DocuSign and Slack enable you to keep everything in one place and boost sales productivity.

Why is this important?

Gong captures and analyzes buyer interactions across phone, email, and video calls, giving your sales team a more holistic view of your buyers. Use alerts to understand deal health and get recommended actions to keep deals moving towards closed-won. In short, Gong enables you to focus more on what works (and less on what doesn’t).

Top-Rated Sales Productivity Software

Customers across industries, geographies, and sizes trust Gong to drive revenue.

Get the scoop on pricing

Engage customers, forecast accurately, and improve team productivity with Gong’s all in one revenue intelligence platform.

WHy Use Gong To Improve Sales Productivity?

Gong’s sales productivity software helps your reps spendless time on tedious tasks and more time on closing deals.

Gong Assist: Help Reps Focus on Selling

Understand and quantify productivity behaviors, such as how well sellers conduct discovery, drive deal momentum, or execute messaging at each sales stage. Know definitively with data what behaviors lead to the best outcomes.

Sales Team Statistics

Get a snapshot of your team’s sales activities. See call duration, total call volume, and metrics like talk ratio. You’ll get automatic coaching recommendations on how they can improve.

Scorecards for Your Reps

Scorecards provide even more coaching opportunities and help you ramp up new hires even faster. Listen to calls, add comments, and share your feedback so reps will know how they can improve.


Sales Productivity Questions & Answers.

Does Gong integrate with my CRM software?

Yes, Gong offers integrations with CRM tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. These integrations give serious firepower to your tech stack and improve your sales process.

Can Gong transcribe my calls?

Yes, Gong records, transcribes, and indexes all interactions so you can easily search through them and find the call where pricing was mentioned or monitor track talk adoption.

What makes Gong different from the competition?

Platforms like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Zendesk Sell, Clari, and Salesloft are excellent sales prospecting tools and sales engagement tools, but Gong has so much more to offer. It analyzes buyer interactions for actionable insights, helps you track the adoption of your strategic initiatives, delivers personalized coaching at scale, and more.

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