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How Technology Can Help you Win in 2023

Kelly Services on Innovation in Staffing & HR

On-Demand Webinar

As the Staffing & HR Services industry undergoes a major transformation, new leaders can rise to the top while those slow to adapt fall behind. 

To succeed in this new era, leaders must leverage new technologies to set their people up for success and stand out from the competition. 

Join us on May 31st as we go live with Kelly Services, recently named #1 on America’s Best Temp Staffing Firm by Forbes, to discuss:

  • The latest market trends and challenges the industry’s top performers are paying attention to right now.
  • What technology Kelly Services leverages to overcome these shifts and set their revenue teams up for success to stand out from the competition.
  • The benefits of leveraging a revenue intelligence platform, like increasing rep productivity 4X and driving +11% YoY revenue growth.

Featured Speakers

Brad Sibbald, Sr. Vice President at Kelly Services 

John Giseburt, Vice President at Kelly Services 

Jess Hovde, Sales Leader at Gong

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