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Qu’est-ce qui distingue les plus performants? Quelles transactions comportent le plus de risques ? Quels messages résonnent auprès de vos acheteurs ? Obtenez une démo pour voir comment Gong peut vous aider.

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Revenue success recipes for the new 2020 reality

The difference between what you know and what you think you know is the difference between beating revenue targets and missing quota.

Veteran revenue leaders share how adopting reality as their new M.O. helped them beat the odds, topple the competition, and win the lion’s share of their market. 

Find out how in your make-it-happen guide to building a can’t-be-beat revenue engine.

Go behind the scenes of hyper-successful Revenue leaders

Steal trade secrets from world-class go-to-market teams and get the play-by-play of when everything changed for their business.

Real-life lessons
  • How Dan Shapero turned salesfloor feedback into boardroom talking points.
  • How Lou Shipley turned best practices into team habits.
  • How Lekha Doshi pushed data from the driver-seat to the co-pilot.
  • How David Katz turned a flop into a billion dollar business.
  • Why Harish Mohan started with customer questions before process.

All of their stories – as told by them – are in Revenue Success Recipes for the New 2020 Reality.

Get in the head of today’s top CROs

Revenue Success Recipes for the New 2020 Reality is packed with wisdom and insights from your could-be mentors. It’s like sitting down with the leading minds in the industry and reliving their career-defining, game-changing moments.

Real-Life Lessons
  • Chapter 1 – Revenue Reality and the Test of Uncertain Times by Ryan Longfield, Chief Revenue Officer Gong
  • Chapter 2 – Rallying Behind the Voice of the Customer with Dan Shapero, Chief Business Officer Linkedin
  • Chapter 3 – Tribal Knowledge is Dead with Lou Shipley, Chief Executive Officer Black Duck Security
  • Chapter 4 – Alignment First. Then, Data. with Lekha Doshi, VP Global Operations Linkedin
  • Chapter 5 – Grounding Messaging in Reality with David Katz VP Global Sales Tessian
  • Chapter 5 – Grounding Messaging in Reality with David Katz VP Global Sales Tessian
  • Chapter 6 Building A Reality-Proof Sales Process with Harish Mohan VP Global Revenue Operations Pendo
  • Chapter 7Be Realistic, Stay Optimistic by Amit Bendov, Chief Executive Officer at Gong

By Revenue Leaders, For Revenue Leaders

Revenue Success Recipes for the New 2020 Reality reveals how revenue leaders answer the million-dollar questions in their business and what they’re doing right now to steer their team through uncertain times.

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