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Qu’est-ce qui distingue les plus performants? Quelles transactions comportent le plus de risques ? Quels messages résonnent auprès de vos acheteurs ? Obtenez une démo pour voir comment Gong peut vous aider.

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Hear pro athletes Randy Couture and Russell Robertson say welcome to Gong, Team Google!

Big Gong Hits

These MuleSoft rockstars were at the top of their game last week.


Matthew Battiest
Account Development Executive

Most Calls Listened (Seller) – 55 Calls


Peter Lee
Senior Manager, Account Development

Most Calls Listened (Manager) – 34 Calls


Andrew Sutton
Account Development Executive

Most Calls Shared (Seller) – 3 Calls


Coming Soon!
Seller & Manager

Most Calls Commented

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Collaborate to Win – ADs and AEs

Hear how these ADs and AEs took teamwork to the next level with Gong.

Gong is great! It allows us to collaborate more effectively on discovery calls by giving each of us an ability to jump to call highlights from the first call or calls leading up to the discovery call. It also allows us to engage a higher number of prospects and customers.”
Amanda Jacoby
Account Development Executive I

Your dedicated account team is here for anything you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Tyler Chandler

Customer Success Manager, Gong

Jenifer Ochran

Strategic Account Executive, Gong

Mimi Cai

Senior Manager, Sales Enablement

Blake Coolidge

AD Enablement, MuleSoft