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Gong Labs Live: Sales Career Advice with Lars Nilsson

December 17, 2019
Devin Reed

Devin Reed


Getting ready for a sales job interview? Congrats!

Now comes the tough part: landing the job.

Relax. You’ve got this. 

In episode 19 of Gong Labs Live, Devin Reed and Chris Orlob sit down with Lars Nilsson, CEO and Co-Founder of SalesSource, to cover how to get hired. 

Nilsson has over 20 years of sales experience, most notably at Cloudera, where he was the VP of Inside Sales. Having hired dozens of people, there’s no one more qualified to share sales career advice

Using his own sales experience, Nilsson details effective ways to prepare for your interview and the sales interview questions you need to be ready for.

Hit play, and in 20 minutes you’ll walk away with actionable advice to propel your sales career.

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