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Gong wins Gold Stevie Award for Best Use of Technology in Sales

April 15, 2024
Mark Doncov

Mark Doncov

Gold Stevie

As the AI revolution continues to transform businesses, it’s more important than ever to operate with deep context and actionable insights. And for revenue teams, these insights can be key to generating pipeline, winning deals, and accurately forecasting outcomes. Having a tech stack that delivers these insights – and surfaces actions to take based on them – can be the secret to achieving a new level of revenue success. 

At Gong, AI has been woven into our platform since day one to equip revenue teams with the productivity, predictability, and growth outcomes they need to stay ahead. 

That’s why we are pleased to announce that Gong has been recognized as a winner in the “Best Use of Technology in Sales” category for the 18th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service for the second consecutive year, taking the top honor in 2024. By leveraging AI trained on billions of real customer interactions, the Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform captures and analyzes interactions with customers and prospects, helping teams identify pivotal moments within the funnel, providing actionable guidance on relevant next steps, and automating manual tasks to pave the way for actual selling. This can help teams secure more – and more significant – wins, improve customer satisfaction, foster deeper engagement, more accurately forecast pipeline, and cultivate strong customer loyalty.

Nate Davison, Sales & CS Training and Enablement Manager at Indeed, says, “Gong’s AI-backed analytics capabilities were a massive win for us…When we chose Gong, we chose integrated data (and organizational alignment around that data). We were all going to be able to make decisions based on a consistent view of what happened in our messaging initiatives and subsequent customer interactions.” 

The Stevie Awards, which receives over 2,300 nominations and selects its winners through a panel of 170 professionals on seven judging committees, recognizes excellence in sales technology and demonstrates Gong’s leadership in sales and revenue technology. 

In addition to the Stevie Award, Gong has received a number of accolades in recent months, including:

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