Maximisez le potentiel de votre équipe de commercialisation

Qu’est-ce qui distingue les plus performants? Quelles transactions comportent le plus de risques ? Quels messages résonnent auprès de vos acheteurs ? Obtenez une démo pour voir comment Gong peut vous aider.

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How Snowflake leads a next-gen sales development organization

During Gong’s last webinar, Lars Nilsson, VP of Global Sales Development at Snowflake chatted with Udi Ledergor about his journey, growing his team from 85 to over 250 SDRs and contributing 60-70% of Snowflake’s overall pipeline generation. 

Here are four takeaways from the session on what it takes to lead a next-gen sales development organization.

Selling through a downturn: 5 tips from CFOs

Three CFOs recently sat down with Chris Orblob of QuotaSignal to offer their perspectives on how sellers should adapt to this new dynamic. These included Michael DiFilippo (Invoca), Jim Kelliher (Drift), and Gong’s own Tim Riitters. This article covers the five most notable takeaways from their discussion.