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Account Management Software: Keep Buyers For Life

Get an in-depth understanding of your buyers’ needs and concerns, then use it to turbocharge your sales pipeline. Gong’s account management software integrates with your CRM to capture and analyze buyer data. Know which deals are at risk and how to move each account forward.

see how gong Improves Account management ACross Your Team

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What is Account management software?

Account management software is a digital tool that centralizes and streamlines the handling of client accounts. It serves as a single repository for all client-related data, allowing businesses to efficiently track and manage interactions with customers. This software includes detailed records of past communications, purchases, preferences, and support history, offering a comprehensive view of each client’s journey.

It also aids in monitoring the sales pipeline and deal flow, providing insights into client behavior and potential opportunities. It enables the recording and tracking of every interaction, ensuring no detail is missed. This aspect is crucial for maintaining continuity in customer relationships, especially in teams where multiple individuals might handle an account.

Why Invest in Account management software?

Give your account management teams comprehensive insights into client activity, account health, opportunities for upsell, and more. Track metrics that matter most to your business.

Remember everything about all your accounts

Catch up on your buyer’s entire journey. Seamlessly transition from sales to account management to customer success without losing focus.

Integrate with your apps.

Develop cross-platform learning by integrating all of your customer-related applications and services. Don’t get rid of your existing applications. Enhance them.

Catch churn indicators and improve customer retention

Catch red flags. Get customers the support they need when they need it. Anticipate and mitigate churn to hit your targets.

Coach your teams

Account management softwares gives your key account manager a leg up. Coach your teams based on data-driven analytics and real-time insights from customer conversations.

Top Benefits of Account management software

Gain complete visibility into accounts across every team. Infinite memory and data-driven analytics help your teams stay in the loop on all important information. Gong works with your existing workflows to improve your customer relationships.

Reduce churn

Identify churn indicators before they become a problem. 59% of customer success teams that use Gong reduced their churn rate.

Expand more accounts.

Improve your cross-team collaboration to win more deals. 65% of teams saw increased expansion win rate with Gong.

Thoughtfully support your buyers.

Respond to issues quickly and helpfully. 71% of teams saw an improved escalation process with Gong.

Why account managers Choose Gong


Align teams around customer data

Customer calls can be shared with your whole team. Keep everyone in the loop, from marketing to product to customer success. Put the customer’s needs front and center. Deliver excellent service at every opportunity.


Access all client communication in one place.

Forgot what a customer said on your last call? Gong didn’t. Catch up on everything you missed and share insights across your entire team with call recording software.

Reason #3

Automatically identify red flags and sales opportunities.

Never be surprised by a non-renewal again. Catch red flags before customers churn. Take advantage of upsell and expansion opportunities fast.

Reason #4

Data-driven recommendations and coaching

Don’t just rely on gut-feelings. Let the data work for you. Access key insights to coach your sales team, expand accounts, and eliminate churn. Keep on top of every account effortlessly. Give yourself hours back.

Reason #5

Track key account metrics.

Activity data at your fingertips. Find out when accounts interact, engage, or lose interest. Get total visibility into your pipeline. Don’t just hit your targets — beat them.

Reason #6

Standardize the customer experience.

Share customer communication across teams. Create consistency your buyers can rely on. Whether it’s a mass email from marketing, a call from one of your sales reps, or the answer to a customer support ticket.

Top-Rated Account management Software

Customers across industries, geographies, and sizes trust Gong to drive revenue.

Get the scoop on pricing

Engage customers, forecast accurately, and improve account management, with Gong’s all in one revenue intelligence platform.

Your Sales Team’s New Favorite Tool for improving Account Management

Our account management software not only records every interaction—every call, email, web conference, or otherwise—but performs deep analysis of those interactions on an ongoing basis. Discover what our customers say.

Account Manager

Sales Enablement Manager

Sales Enablement Leadership

Account Manager

Sales Enablement Manager

Sales Enablement Leadership

Gong allowed our teams to constantly improve our processes and the way we approach clients. We have a culture of learning from one another and Gong enables that for us.
Amir Mizrachi
Account Manager,
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Gong allowed our teams to constantly improve our processes and the way we approach clients. We have a culture of learning from one another and Gong enables that for us.
Amir Mizrachi
Account Manager,
Read case study
Gong is hands down a quantum leap in sales enablement. It gives us the ability to identify best practices, identify where there’s room for coaching, and circulate best practices to reps who need them.
Mitchell Matsuo
Manager, Revenue Technology Enablement, Apptio

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It’s really important that we’re nimble in what we’re doing. Gong allows us to keep a real-life update of what’s happening so we can help coach our sales team, customer success team, SDR team, to adjust their talk track and how they can approach the market
Simon Kirk
VP of Sales Development and Enablement, CultureAmp

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Questions & Answers.

What is account management software?

Gong’s account management software puts all your client information in one place. You can keep track of buyer interactions, past communication, deal flow, upcoming tasks, and more.

What are the benefits of account management software?

Using account management software like Gong helps you stay on top of the accounts you manage easily. It uses powerful analytics and sales automation to give you critical insights into the health of your accounts.

Does Gong integrate with my CRM software?

Gong integrates with most major CRM systems and other sales management software. Our integrations include Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Zapier, Calendly, and more.

Is there a free trial for Gong?

Gong’s pricing model depends on the structure and processes of your customer success and sales team. Reach out today to learn more about our pricing plans.

What insights can Gong deliver?

Gong gives you deep insights into market trends, account metrics, revenue and business processes, and more.

Can Gong make me a better account manager?

Yes it can, with infinite memory, AI insights, keyword search, call recording, and more. With Gong, you’ll be more productive, efficient, and boost your revenue to new heights.

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