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Revolutionize Sales with The #1 Revenue Intelligence Software

We built the world’s best revenue intelligence software to help otherwise outstanding companies avoid opinion-based decisions. To help your sales team spend more time winning business and less time on mundane tasks. How? With powerful AI that captures and analyzes customer interactions to provide fresh, data-backed recommendations. Here, it’s all about making decisions based on reality.

3 Reasons Why The Fastest Growing Sales Teams Are Adopting Revenue Intelligence

Let’s face it: a CRM is wonderful for recording what happened. But when it comes to understanding why things happen—why the numbers move, deals are won and lost—the modern enterprise needs revenue intelligence. Here are three good reasons why:


Insights that Give You More Clarity

Revenue intelligence not only records and transcribes all interactions with your customers, but takes those interactions and derives insights to better understand what drives high-performing talent, wins more deals, and resonates within your market. 

What does that look like in practice? Let’s say a revenue leader is wondering why they’re losing deals against competitors. They could make educated guesses about pricing, product features, etc. Or they could rely on revenue intelligence to see what the leading indicators actually are. When organizations have this kind of visibility into the factors affecting their pipeline, they can quickly prioritize their efforts based on what behaviors will most likely lead to deals won.


Intelligence that Guides You to Winning Outcomes

Revenue intelligence applies those insights to provide better automation. From performance metrics and forecasting, to risk warnings and personalized recommendations, revenue intelligence software automatically puts managers and reps in the best position to drive revenue. No waiting, no bias, and far less manual intervention. As a result, your entire go-to-market team can focus on high-value tasks.

Reason #3

Alignment Around Customer Interactions

Revenue intelligence also enables collaboration, transparency, and alignment. It turns your sales organization’s strategy into a team sport, in which neighboring business units (success, product, and marketing) are collaborators. To foster those connections, Gong integrates across functions and teams, leading to more knowledge sharing, reality-based collaboration, and keeps your go-to-market team aligned. 

Why Use Gong for Revenue Intelligence?

As much as every sales team wants to close every deal and hit every forecast, things don’t always go as planned. Maybe reps start losing more deals than they close. Or perhaps growth has unexpectedly stalled, leading to a dip in revenue. In those situations, you can’t brute force your way to clarity about what’s going on. You can’t make your best guess, either.

But you absolutely need to understand what’s going on so you can get back on track.

Gong’s revenue intelligence software cuts through the bias, information gaps, and backward-looking data. It gives you full visibility into team performance, trend lines, and root cause. It’s an autonomous system that empowers your teams with data-driven insights, time-saving automation, and personalized recommendations. 

That must be why Gong was voted the #1 revenue intelligence platform by G2.

To Understand What Drives Excellence, Try Revenue Intelligence

At its very core, revenue intelligence software helps companies operationalize their most valuable asset: customer interactions. It’s an autonomous, scalable solution that finds insights, answers, and next steps, all within the conversations people have with marketing, sales, support, and customer success. Here’s how it works:

Capture Every Customer Interaction

Think of the thousands of words spoken between a rep and customer on just one sales call. Extrapolate that to every call, email, and interaction and your team has a potential gold mine of customer intelligence. Revenue intelligence software helps you make the most of that intelligence by recording and transcribing every interaction automatically, then keeping it in a searchable database accessible to the entire team.

Analyze the Unfiltered Voice of Your Customers

Instead of relying on the often incomplete and manually-intensive analysis of customer interactions, Gong analyzes all of it automatically. Our revenue intelligence software mines every source and signal—all emails, calls, and metadata—for feedback that can inform foundational data-backed changes. If there’s a need, competitor, or market trend that your customers are talking about, Gong makes sure you know about it.

Apply Those Learnings Across the Go-To-Market Strategy

The whole point of revenue intelligence software is to guide revenue teams toward winning outcomes. Gong’s analysis reveals actionable recommendations that will improve the skills of reps, enhance the conversations they have every day, and drive greater customer success. It’s a lot less fluff and bias, a lot more reality-based visibility into your deals, teams, and market.

How Does Gong’s Revenue Intelligence Software Work?

It’s one thing to collect the unfiltered voice of your customers across every single interaction. Gong takes it a step further by automatically analyzing those interactions to deliver insights around team, deals, market, and forecasting.

step 1


While your go-to-market teams do their thing, Gong automatically records and transcribes every customer interaction, including video calls, emails, and phone calls. Thanks to a number of native integrations with leading platforms, Gong allows for the seamless flow of this data between your most important systems.

step 2


What on-call behaviors are most likely to lead to a positive outcome? And which deals should or shouldn’t be included in the sales forecast? Gong analyzes interactions to derive insights like these and many, many more. You’ll understand what drives high-performing talent and wins more deals, down to the very last detail.

step 3


Gong will not only assist reps with personalized recommendations, but automate certain parts of the sales process altogether. What’s more, sales is just the start: Gong will bring a healthy dose of reality to product, marketing, success, and beyond. It’s the best way to free reps, managers, and execs  to focus on the tasks, projects, and initiatives that really matter.

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Join the Revenue Intelligence Movement

There’s so much more to making the revenue machine go than sales enablement. Beyond helping sales reps crush their quotas, here’s how the world’s fastest growing sales teams are winning with revenue intelligence:

Bring Intelligent Insights to all Aspects of Rev Gen

Get a complete picture of your pipeline, including deal health, churn risk, and customer experience. We have many customers that use Gong for deal execution, renewal management, internal account collaboration, and more.

Boost Productivity and Replicate Best Practices

Imagine if you could use autonomous technology to increase productivity per rep, ramp new reps faster, and get reps to full quota in a shorter amount of time? Gong makes it happen by helping to identify and replicate the most successful behaviors.

Understand What the Market Really Needs

Inform your go-to-market strategy, strategic initiatives, and playbooks with real-time feedback from the market itself. Gong picks up on signals, sentiment, market trends, and competitor mentions to help you dial in GTM teams with unbeatable precision.

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I love Gong for what it offers and they are always improving it. Just go for it, do not think twice. It is the best tool in the Revenue Intelligence space.

We’ve never used any kind of revenue intelligence platform before this, and I’ve loved how easy it is to navigate the platform and get an immediate solution to our problems.

If you don’t have a Revenue Intelligence Platform in place right now, you’re missing the mark. I love the ability to manage my entire sales cycle: touch points, gap areas, themes, etc. inside both email and phone calls.

Actionable insights! I love the call metrics and breakdowns of how to improve on each metric. I also love how Gong combines revenue intelligence to keep me constantly aware of the value of the conversations I’m having.


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Revenue Intelligence Software FAQ

Want to learn more about revenue intelligence? Here’s the answers to some of our customers’ most burning questions.

What is Revenue Intelligence Software?

Revenue intelligence is about taking the obscurity out of phrases like “growth-oriented” and “revenue engine.” Because hard as they might work, too many organizations operate on opinion-based strategies, labor-intensive processes, and misalignment with respect to what customers actually want. Revenue intelligence software records and stores every customer interaction, then uses powerful AI to analyze that library to extract the insights companies need to close more business.

How Does Revenue Intelligence Work?

At the core of revenue intelligence is what Gong calls its conversational repository. This is a library of your saved customer interactions, old and new. We apply powerful AI to that library to derive actionable insights tied to the outcomes you care most about. Finally, team members across the organization can access this valuable, data-backed information via cloud-based dashboards. See the pipeline, deal board—all the intel your team needs to take the next best step.

Does Gong Integrate with My CRM?

Our revenue intelligence software integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Use these integrations to pull all conversation data from Gong into your CRM, automatically tying those interactions and insights to their corresponding accounts. As a result, you’ll have a much more searchable CRM database, which you can drill down based on industry, opportunity stage, and so on.

What Kind of Results Can Revenue Intelligence Deliver?

Gong can produce up to 481% return on investment in just six months. It can reduce rep time to productivity by 50% And companies can increase revenue per rep by 27%. That’s all according to the Gong Total Economic Impact™ Study that we commissioned from Forrester Consulting. While we encourage you to read the study, which includes some fascinating case studies, here’s the long and short of it: Gong is well worth the investment.

Do You Have Any Case Studies for Revenue Intelligence?

Yes, and we’re glad you asked. Here’s a few notable brands that have leveraged our revenue intelligence software to absolutely nail their revenue goals: 

  • Sparrow: Leveraging Revenue Intelligence to Drive Conversions and Build a Growth Mindset
  • Demandbase: ​​The Gong GOATs: How Demandbase grew its market presence and hiked win rates
  • How used Gong to align revenue teams around customers

See our full library of Gong customer case studies (we have dozens).

How Does Revenue Intelligence Software Help Sales Reps?

Busy sales reps can’t possibly keep track of every minute detail, especially with all of the calls and emails flying back and forth. Nor should they have to! Gong automatically analyzes their calls to flag follow-ups, for example, or send recommendations based on personalized call analysis. New hires can ramp faster thanks to curated call libraries containing best practices, talk tracks, and more. Overall, reps love Gong because it takes out the guesswork and automates the time-consuming day-to-day tasks. 

How Does Gong’s Revenue Intelligence Software Handle Security and Privacy?

When you record, store, and analyze as much customer data as the Gong platform, you must ensure the very best security, data privacy, and compliance. That’s why we’ve built the Gong platform to meet the most stringent guidelines. You can read all about our approach to this important aspect of revenue intelligence on the Gong Trust Center.

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