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US Patent Granted to for Automated Web and Video Conference Recording Technology

Patent solidifies’s established technological leadership in category

SAN MATEO, California and TEL AVIV, Israel, June 19, 2017 —, a leading SaaS company in the fast-growing category of Conversation Intelligence for sales teams, today announced a new US Patent No. 9,699,409 issued in its name for recording web and video conferences.

While recording of phone conversations has been an integral part of phone systems for over a decade, one of the challenges facing players in the emerging field of conversation intelligence is seamlessly recording audio and video conference calls with multiple participants. While most conferencing systems offer a call recording feature, it relies on the self-discipline of sales reps who need to remember to record each call. Often, the call recording resides on the web conferencing platform’s system, making it unavailable for further analysis. solved this problem in a novel way, without requiring any change in the sales reps’ process and without relying on their memory or self-discipline. The patented solution integrates with Google G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365 to detect scheduled conference calls in the sales reps’ calendars, automatically joins the calls as a virtual participant, records the calls, and analyzes them within minutes. This rids the sales reps of the burden of manually recording their calls or switching from their favorite conferencing system. According to’s unique recording method, not only audio is recorded, but also video, which is crucial to understanding facial expressions, slides and screens shared throughout the call.

“We set out to create the best conversation intelligence platform for real-life sales reps,” said Amit Bendov, CEO and Co-Founder. “Our experience with some of the world’s best sales teams showed us that changing the way sales reps do their work would be an uphill battle. We made a deliberate effort to create the most streamlined call recording and analysis system possible, which would provide sales teams with all the benefits we intended, without requiring them to change anything about the way they work. Thousands of users appreciate our efforts daily and we’re extremely proud to receive this official recognition of our efforts and technological leadership in the form of a US Patent.”

The newly-granted patent is expected to solidify’s already-established leadership in the conversation intelligence category, as recently recognized by leading analyst firm Gartner, who named a Cool Vendor in CRM Sales.