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Avalara Drives Lifetime Value for Customers with AI-Enabled Insights from Gong 

Gong’s Revenue Intelligence Platform helps Avalara uncover cross-sell opportunities and optimize seller behaviors to scale revenue

SAN FRANCISCO – October 17, 2023: Gong, the Revenue Intelligence leader, today announced that Avalara is consolidating on its AI-powered platform to drive efficient revenue growth. Avalara, a leading provider of tax compliance automation software for businesses of all sizes, is using Gong to transform its customer-facing teams to automate critical selling workflows, optimize pipeline management, and improve decision-making that leads to more deals won.

As it seeks to increase cross-sell opportunities to drive growth, Avalara asked its customer account management (CAM) and customer success teams to focus on maximizing each opportunity to boost revenue and better serve customers. By using Gong, Avalara has gained transparency across its revenue organization, uncovering wins that they could turn into best practice sharing and training. 

“Avalara’s customer account teams handle high volumes of interactions, driving roughly 3,000 deals to close each month,” said Sean Flynn, SVP, Global Sales, Avalara. “We put great emphasis on providing best-in-class customer service to make compliance less taxing for our customers. With Gong, we have incredible, market-driven insights on how to deliver the best possible experience for customers on each and every transaction. Gong has been instrumental in helping us develop a culture of coaching and deliver value in every customer interaction.”

CAM teams at Avalara have used Gong since 2021. By leveraging Gong Insights, teams can identify the behaviors that lead to growth and those that negatively impacted opportunities. This, in turn, drove a meaningful increase in personalized coaching on ways to improve the quality of customer interactions, communicate value, and help sellers improve. 

Following the CAM teams’ positive results, Avalara deployed Gong across other functions – including customer success, customer development, product marketing, sales development, new business sales, and support – to build new customer pipeline, better serve existing ones, and identify cross-sell opportunities across the business. By capturing these opportunities, Avalara can grow revenue efficiently – without relying solely on sourcing new leads. 

“As companies across industries and of all sizes seek to lock in efficient growth, having full visibility into their revenue organizations is critical,” said Ben Brownlee, Chief Customer Officer, Gong. “For customers like Avalara, with their large and diverse customer base, automated insights that uncover opportunities for account growth can make a big difference. Gong provides insights, and next-step recommendations, across the account lifecycle that help companies like Avalara show more value and drive more revenue.”

As companies scrutinize their tech investments and prioritize value and efficiency, using one platform for total revenue management has become paramount. Gong’s Revenue Intelligence Platform enables companies to capture, understand, and act on all customer interactions in a single, integrated platform. Gong’s platform helps revenue organizations significantly enhance their most critical workflows, including deal execution, coaching, sales engagement, strategic initiatives, market insights, and forecasting, to increase visibility and align strategies across organizations to achieve successful outcomes.


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Gong transforms revenue organizations by harnessing customer interactions to increase business efficiency, improve decision-making and accelerate revenue growth. The Revenue Intelligence Platform uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to enable teams to capture, understand and act on all customer interactions in a single, integrated platform. More than 4,000 companies around the world rely on Gong to support their go-to-market strategies and grow revenue efficiently. For more information, visit

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