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How Uberflip used Gong to create winning outcomes and push ACV up by 13%

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Increase in ACV
Increase in Win Rate

The challenge

Uberflip lacked momentum because they didn’t have data-driven insights on what was really working across the organization. That stopped them from raising their win rates and aligning their teams strategically.

The outcome

Gong made it possible for Uberflip to focus on the future, recognize risks before they happen, and share valuable insights across the organization so teams can plan appropriately to win more deals. The result? A 20% increase in win rate increase and a 13% increase in ACV.


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When a rep and I spend one-on-one time talking about what’s already happened with the customer, that’s time when we’re not spending on strategizing a path to close.
Ken Edwards
Senior Director of Commercial Revenue

Learn from reality, then face forward

Business growth relies on a balance of critically reviewing what’s already happened then strategizing about what comes next. That’s the equilibrium Uberflip has struck, and they used Gong to help them do it.  

“There are only so many hours in a day and there’s a real opportunity cost to every minute,” says Ken Edwards, Uberflip’s Senior Director of Commercial Revenue. “We wanted to eliminate the broken telephone from our process. Misalignment between departments, peers, and managers creates silos, and halts collaboration where it’s needed most.” 

For everything from coaching, to deal execution, to strategic initiatives, Gong’s platform helps Uberflip zero in on future planning, resulting in a 20% increase in win rate increase and a 13% increase in ACV.

Use your revenue intelligence crystal ball

Forecasting was one of Uberflip’s challenges before Gong, but since leveraging Deal Boards, they’ve been able to surface insights that might otherwise have stayed in the dark. Ken and his team began dynamically separating their deals, giving them the ability to forecast the right number of close and no-close deals. 

In terms of pipeline health, Gong’s Deal Rollups allow Ken to look at the characteristics of deals — which ones are open, which might swing, and which are stale. This keeps his team’s data clean, allowing him to forecast more accurately and get ahead of potential forecast coverage risks. 

Drilling further down into deal health, Gong enables Ken and his team to see a deal’s momentum at a glance. Using the context view in Deal Boards, Ken can see how engaged his account execs are during each call, which he then uses to determine the health of deals. “In the contacts view on my Gong Deal Boards, I can go in and see where people are actually participating. That gives me a lot of insight into how often they participate in a deal and how engaged they are.”

Furthermore, he can set Deal Warnings to alert him when there’s an incoming risk. “We took our closed deals over the past two years and looked at how long (on average) a closed deal is in each sales stage we have. We set Gong to flag anything that sits outside that average. That way, if there’s a deal in the same stage for too long, the platform fires off a warning so we can get it moving through our pipeline again in a predictable manner.”

Stay ahead with Deal Insights

In order to improve their win rate, Uberflip leans heavily on Deal Insights to put knowledge into action and get results faster. Deal Insights provide Ken and his team with a macro perspective. Gong’s automated intelligence surfaces major obstacles and makes them visible to the entire sales organization, so everyone can work toward positive outcomes. 

For example, historically, only 4% of Uberflip sales are single-threaded. Showing that stat to reps brought home just how important it is to get more people from their customer’s side involved in calls. “Seeing a risk ahead of time, understanding where it is, and strategizing on how to get ahead of it helps our win rate,” says Ken. “Sharing these insights visually with the reps really helps us rally around each one. It encourages the behavior we want.” Creating that kind of alignment on what actually works for your customers results in a stable approach and a team-wide growth mindset.  

Integrating Gong’s Trackers into Salesforce also highlights trends that Ken and his team might not otherwise notice in time. For example, after detecting a negative trend in win rates against a particular competitor, they set up a Tracker that was integrated with Salesforce. They were then able to use information gathered in customer conversations to guard against the competitor via marketing campaigns, messaging, content, and enablement. They turned the trend around.

“Without that Gong insight, I don’t think we would have spent the necessary amount of time working to counter that specific competitor,” says Ken. 

Align teams with your desired future state

When everyone is on the same page, they sell better as a team. With the right data at your fingertips, collaboration and coordination are a starting point and wins are the end state. 

Visibility across your organization also minimizes hand-off friction because everything is available to those involved in each deal: its context, its history, even the words used in customer conversations. Managers can easily spot and course correct for customers’ pain points, which also leads to more educated and focused coaching sessions. It also creates a culture of knowledge sharing that benefits the entire sales organization. 

When team members across the organization apply themselves with help from Gong, and hit the ground running, the result is an improved customer experience centred around the voice of the customer. 

That proved itself true for Uberflip, whose win rate exceeded their goal for the last three quarters, and whose most recent two quarters were two of the best ever for net retention. That’s the power of reality-based collaboration.

“Gong is the insights engine that allows our staff to spend their time in the right areas, get ahead of problems, and bring in the right resources for customer engagements,” says Ken. “When we think about getting out ahead of risks and realizing opportunities for expansion, it’s an absolute game changer for us.” 


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