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Gong for Deal Execution: How to truly understand your sales pipeline

May 3, 2021

Product News

1440: Johannes Gutenberg invents the mechanized printing press.

1969: Astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first American to land on the moon.

2021: Gong introduces Deal Execution, providing business leaders much-needed visibility into activity happening across all pipeline deals.

All kidding aside, we are thrilled to announce the new and reimagined Gong for Deal Execution with enhanced features and functionality that provide visibility and guidance at every level.   

Gong for Deal Execution brings together every interaction across your deals in a single view so sales teams can quickly understand pipeline health and stop sales from going south.

But why does this matter?

Read on.

Commit, but not close

Quick quiz: What’s the difference between hitting quota and coming up short?

Answer: Knowing which deals in your pipeline are real

And here’s a stat that will get the hair on the back of your neck to stand up straight: 

53% of deals that make it to the “commit” stage never close (2019 CSO Sales Performance Report).

(Clearly, these are NOT Gong customers…) 

While the average CRM can help uncover some of these data, it often requires lots (read: LOTS AND LOTS) of manual digging to find risks—combing through manual entries, sitting in on individual calls to better understand what’s going on, and so on.

Even worse: CRM data often (unfortunately) relies heavily on the opinions of sales reps (at Gong, we like to deal in reality).

Gong for Deal Execution means that each and every interaction is analyzed, transcribed, and summarized—giving you a real understanding of risk in your pipeline and guidance to close even more deals. 

No more guesswork. No more opinions. No more gut feels. 

Manage forecast accuracy for deal execution

Gong is truth serum for your pipeline

With Deal Boards, sales managers can go from a bird’s-eye view of their pipeline to the nitty-gritty details to really get to the bottom of what’s happening—what’s at risk, why it’s at risk, and which deals are actually likely to close.

Gong deal boards improve deal management

Gong flags risk with Deal Warnings, which are based on reality. It’s a combination of who’s involved in the deal and how multithreaded it is; it’s the cadence and health of the conversation; it’s the power present in the conversation (or lack thereof)—and more.

Gong deal boards provide objective insightsThe other key to being an effective sales leader is to report an accurate number every quarter. Without a real-time, proactive understanding of risk—as well as behaviors tied to success—it becomes nearly impossible to call that number confidently. 

Gong for Deal Execution provides that data, proactively.

Deal Warnings let managers see risk within the context of their pipeline stages. These stages can be customized to fit your team’s sales process and CRM. Learn more about Deal Rollups

Deal warnings let managers see where risk exists

As all great sales managers know, seeing risk within the context of your pipeline is essential to a more accurate sales forecast.

Gong Deal board categories accelerate sales

For example, every deal sitting in the commit stage looks exactly like EVERY OTHER DEAL sitting in the commit stage. This makes it quite challenging to distinguish the best opportunities from the not-as-great opportunities. How do you know which deals to prioritize, and which need a manager for the full press close?

Deal Warnings—paired with deal activity—are your answer.

As a manager going into a one-on-one with a rep, Deal Warnings can be used to identify areas to work on together. Drill down to an individual rep—even down to the email interactions behind a specific deal—to quickly diagnose what’s going on.

Learn more about addressing risk in your pipeline in our latest Gong Beyond event

Build your playbook based on data-driven insights—tailored to your team

Gong’s AI is taking customization to the next level with Deal Insights.

Deal Insights takes all the deals your team won and lost over the last 12-month period and analyzes them to show what good and bad looks like for your team. 

Gong Deal insights provide proactive recommendations

Deal Insights surfaces trends around multi-threading—which we know from the data is a huge driver and predictor of win rate. Gong’s AI knows exactly what you need to do in each deal to close (i.e., the optimal number of contacts necessary), and alerts you when you aren’t on track. 

Not only can managers begin applying this as a Deal Warning in their pipeline, but it can also be used as an opportunity for team-wide coaching. 

Gong has your back

Gong is here to help.

Help positively influence the outcome of deals. 

Help uncover the truth in your pipeline.

Help you close more deals, exceed your goals, and make more money.

Not yet a Gong customer? Learn more about Gong for Deal Execution.

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