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Forrester report shows the benefits of revenue tech stack consolidation

April 15, 2024
Eilon Reshef

Eilon Reshef

Company Product News

I was thrilled when I read the recent Forrester report, “The Revenue Orchestration Platforms for B2B Landscape, Q1 2024.” They have perfectly captured what’s required by B2B revenue leaders who value sustainable predictability, productivity, and growth over boom-and-bust performances: a unified “revenue orchestration platform.”

It’s a new name for simplifying your revenue tech stack and leaning into a single, unified platform that connects your entire revenue org. Forrester’s official acknowledgment of this category has grabbed the attention of everyone at Gong — and it should grab yours too. 

The report affirms that one revenue orchestration platform should serve the full spectrum of your revenue team’s needs, from greater efficiency to sustainable and predictable growth. Forrester’s description of “…one place to manage core selling activities, buyer engagement, analytics, and related revenue processes” for revenue leaders is entirely resonant. Though, of course, they weren’t describing Gong specifically — they were outlining the ideal platform necessary for today’s B2B revenue leaders. Still, the parallels are evident, and the benefits of operating inside one platform (which I’ll get into shortly) are why many organizations are consolidating their revenue tech stack in Gong.

After working with 4,000+ customers, we wholeheartedly agree with Forrester’s findings that revenue leaders need to run their workflows in one place and fuel their revenue workflows using an accurate and deep understanding of their customers’ needs. A consolidated platform that’s contextually accurate paves the way for highly productive revenue teams that can spot — and take advantage of — opportunities for growth.

That’s why, since Gong’s inception, we’ve focused on delivering unparalleled customer interaction insights using highly advanced, patented AI that’s tailored specifically to revenue teams. To ensure teams could use these insights to orchestrate their most critical workflows, we also built advanced applications for forecasting and sales engagement in-house. This is why customers are turning to Gong to power their most meaningful outcomes.

Consolidation displaces a disjointed tech stack

Forrester’s report found that when deployed effectively, a revenue orchestration platform should deliver insights and workflows that power greater productivity across your entire revenue organization. That will allow you to take meaningful advantage of every buyer and customer interaction across your customer lifecycle, all in one place, from a “single pane of glass” as it were.

Sales organizations used to do that — or at least make the attempt — by working across multiple tools in fractured systems. But as Forrester points out, the “Convergence of functionality across the key providers in sales engagement, conversation intelligence, and revenue operations and intelligence platforms has evolved to the point at which these three functionality categories can now be found in one platform that buyers can purchase.”

With Gong, all three of those formerly fractured systems are natively built as one. Our platform is backed by the industry’s largest first-party customer interaction dataset and the most in-depth and accurate AI created solely for revenue teams. (Forrester even named Gong the only leader in its report The Forrester WaveTM: Conversation Intelligence for B2B Revenue, Q4 2023.) That’s how we provide a seamless to everyone inside a sales organization, from CROs to the front lines.

I couldn’t agree more with Forrester’s assessment that “In providing one place to manage core selling activities, buyer engagement, analytics, and related revenue processes, revenue orchestration platforms are the closest revenue technology has come thus far to offering a single pane of glass to frontline resources.” It enables the efficient, sustainable, and predictable revenue that business leaders crave.

Behind that pane of glass, Gong has access to more (and better) data, so your revenue team can automate tasks, take action on suggested next steps, and use unprecedented insights to set their strategies. With a flourishing network of integrations and industry-leading, in-house AI that’s uniquely optimized to capture and decode engagement data, Gong brings reliable accuracy to its understanding of every interaction across the revenue lifecycle. That means revenue teams and business leaders are able to make more contextual, accurate, and informed decisions. 

This gives Gong a distinct advantage in helping revenue leaders achieve predictable business outcomes that enable growth — the ultimate purpose of revenue orchestration.

How the right ROP helps revenue leaders achieve better business outcomes

The most positive business outcomes happen when revenue teams stop thinking about siloed use cases for technology, and instead, use a unified platform that fosters collaboration and seamless workflows. That’s when they can truly foster productivity, predictability, and growth across their teams. 

When businesses connect their full revenue org in a single, unified platform, their teams are able to more efficiently and effectively execute key activities that drive business value across the full customer journey, automatically capturing and surfacing insights along the way. This single source of truth provides complete visibility, seamless collaboration, and deeply informed insights for more effective customer acquisition, retention, and expansion. 

That last point is central to how we’ve built Gong. Effective revenue orchestration isn’t just about centralizing workflows in one place; it’s critical that those workflows are powered by primary interaction data. We believe that revenue organizations need to have a deep understanding of deals, accounts, and customers to boost productivity, drive more predictability, and scale sustainable growth. It’s why we put customer insights at the center of our core revenue workflows, from sales engagement, to coaching, to forecasting. And it’s why we continue to invest in AI-backed innovations like Ask Anything, to ensure that insights are easily accessible for every member of the revenue team. 

Gong’s end-to-end guidance — from prospecting through closing, to implementation and renewal — enables revenue organizations to see more, understand more, and win more. And what do truly outsized revenue outcomes look like? Take a peek at our customers’ results:

  • Pitchbook has 10x’d its sales efficiency and accelerated rep ramp times by identifying the best responses for navigating specific customer interactions, and pinpointing coachable moments for their team of 1,000 global sellers.
  • Upwork has achieved 95% forecast accuracy by using AI to zero in on pipeline risks, identify deal risks, and focus on achieving their target.  
  • BlueGrace Logistics reaches 49% more accounts with an 80% increase in response rates, using AI that empowers their full-cycle team to create higher-quality outreach and prioritize to-dos.

A unified platform is the key to wins for revenue teams

Forrester affirms that bringing revenue team workflows into one platform that provides outstanding workflow capabilities is key to revenue success, and we agree. 

At Gong, we believe that in order to truly achieve the outcomes revenue teams want, their workflows must be powered by accurate and fulsome customer and deal insights that everyone can understand and act on. With Gong’s consolidated approach, revenue organizations can harness their customer interactions to increase their business productivity, make smarter decisions based on accurate predictions, and accelerate their growth. 

True revenue team transformation is possible, and that’s why it’s such an exciting time to be in this industry. As you’d expect, we’ll continue partnering with our customers to fuel the next era of innovation!

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