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Winning what’s next: Global capital market research firm PitchBook is 10x more efficient with Gong

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The challenge

PitchBook wanted to enhance its vast onboarding and training processes and gain real-time insights into its team performance and customer interactions.

The outcome

PitchBook’s customer success, account management, sales, product and revenue teams use Gong’s AI to power critical workflows and gain visibility into customer needs, information, and feedback to assess opportunities in the market. They also use Gong to provide new reps with best-in-class training and reduce onboarding by hours.


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Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals

PitchBook is a global enterprise with nearly 4,000 team members located across nine offices including Seattle, London, and Singapore. The company has nearly 1,000 reps globally across its sales, customer success, account management and support teams.

As the leading resource for comprehensive data, research, and insights on global capital markets, the company turns to thousands of their client and prospect interactions to understand client needs, and inform its product roadmap. Paul Santarelli is the Chief Sales Officer at PitchBook. 

Needless to say, their industry is intricate and PitchBook products are profoundly sophisticated.

With that in mind, Paul has leaned into providing his team with a quota-defying, AI-backed resource. It had to be one that could power critical workflows and drive efficient pipeline management, as well as ensure speedy and reliable decision-making.

Paul identified three challenges to address: 

  1. Legacy sales processes: Reps would book significant amounts of time to shadow calls, with no guarantee a client would show up. 
  2. Inconsistent intel on outcomes and opportunities to adapt: Leaders needed timely information on what worked, what didn’t, and precisely where reps needed additional support.
  3. Centralized access to customer and market insights: The revenue teams needed an integrated platform where everyone could access critical business insights and build better product features.

Gong makes PitchBook’s sales processes 10x more efficient

Gong has helped transform PitchBook’s sales process into a well-oiled, high-performing machine. With help from Gong’s AI, everyone saves time. Reps spend less time trying to recall what they’ve communicated in the past and managers provide more timely and valuable feedback.

Using Gong’s Trackers, managers are able to uncover coachable moments in mere minutes. It’s a 10x time saving that brings more efficiency and value to the sales process. There’s been an uptick in coaching and  learning opportunities for both managers and reps.

PitchBook estimates the time saved by Gong’s impactful workflows to be in the “hundreds, if not thousands,” of hours for managers and individual reps. Rather than hunting for hours for a “coachable moment,” managers can find one quickly and bring it into their training programs, 1:1s, and team meetings, or share it immediately with one person or the whole team using Call Snippets.

“With Gong, we have real-time data at our fingertips.” That data comes from Gong Trackers, which provide advanced visibility into customer interactions with sellers and a valuable and scalable business process that is powered by external feedback:

  • Reps rely on Trackers instead of spending hours of time listening to calls.
  • Managers can provide strategic guidance to all their reps in less than an hour.

The ability to call out best practices has also bolstered the speed and effectiveness of onboarding new hires.

PitchBook leverages the voice of the market and customer through Gong

In Paul’s words, “If you are not continuously learning about the industry, the market, or the product, key data insights will pass you by.”

Gong’s industry-leading AI has helped PitchBook take a massive amount of unstructured information and turn it into highly actionable insights for sales, product, data, and research teams. “With help from Gong’s Trackers and insights into conversational data, we better understand our clients and prospects,” says Paul.

“Gong insights help us learn, train our reps, and — most importantly — provide a better service to our customers and prospectsWorking with Gong gives me confidence that we will succeed.”

But it’s not just Paul and his sales team seeing the value in Gong’s integrated platform and powerful workflows.

Quick adoption leads to immediate time savings and growth

PitchBook also uses Gong to help share best-practice knowledge across the entire revenue organization, and it’s particularly useful when onboarding and training new sales and support reps.

Adoption has been quick and extensive. Today, over 90% of the revenue team uses Gong in some way.

Spreading best-practice knowledge both quickly and efficiently is essential to Brett Kaluza, the Chief Customer Officer at PitchBook. Responsible for account management, customer success, and support teams, Brett’s priorities are driving business and creating long-term value for customers. Creating, managing, and converting pipeline while also exceeding  customers expectations has been easier since implementing Gong.

“Gong was quick to implement, is easy to use  and provides instant access to valuable information,” shared Brett. 

At peak hiring times, PitchBook may have 20-30 people starting monthly. Gong cuts 3-5 hours from each person’s onboarding process, saving up to 150 hours per month that would otherwise be spent trying to find best-in-class calls to review.

“Gong has helped us take actionable, data-driven steps to transform our onboarding and scaling processes,” says Brett. It’s exactly what his team needed to drive their most valuable business workflows. 

Gong is helping PitchBook scale its business globally

PitchBook supports customers all over the world.

Gong’s AI capabilities are integral to exceeding customer needs around the globe, as Gong records conversations in 30+ languages. This multilingual ability means PitchBook can point the right employees to the right conversations (and vice versa) in their local language.

Gong also allows Brett and his team to easily curate top-notch content for onboarding new employees in their rapidly growing Singapore office. The revenue intelligence platform is built to help enterprise-grade companies scale rapidly, and customize roll-outs to be more suitable local markets.

Brett sees Gong as essential to PitchBook both today and in the future as they continue to scale globally. The Gong partnership provides PitchBook with a wealth of information about what works and what doesn’t, so the team can transform their most critical workflows.


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