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Zoom Call Recording With Gong

Gong’s AI analysis of Zoom Calls makes it easy to analyze your top performers, create teachable moments, and identify at-risk deals. Best of all, Gong’s integration works seamlessly with Zoom’s in-app cloud recording controls, making it easier than ever to record your next Zoom session.

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What is Zoom Call Recording?

Zoom Call Recordings with Gong is like having a super-smart assistant that listens in, writes down everything, and then helps you find the really important bits in those conversations.

And it’s not just about jotting down notes. Gong’s AI is like your personal meeting detective. It figures out stuff like whether your sales pitch is hitting the mark, how your customers are really feeling, and the vibe of the whole conversation. Super useful for sales teams, right? It’s like having an X-ray vision into your meetings.

This kind of deep dive into your calls is a game-changer. It means you get better at understanding what your customers want and how they react. You can tweak your sales approach to get better results. Plus, these recordings and AI insights are like a goldmine for training new sales folks. They get to learn from real, live examples instead of just theory.

Why Invest in Gong’s Zoom call recording?

Gong’s built-in Zoom integration automatically records calls, takes notes, and even delivers deep insights to your chosen CRM platforms. That means no more no more searching for the “record” button and no more note taking — only more opportunities to build on your success.

Automatically record and transcribe sales calls.

Stay focused on your buyers without worrying about taking notes or hitting the “record” button.

Keep everything organized in one convenient place.

Access every recorded file, notes, insights, and more without having to hunt down local recordings.

Fine-tune your approach with AI insights.

Let advanced analytics comb through your call to see what’s working (and what isn’t).

Coach your sales reps into sales superstars.

Review past sales calls and insights with your reps to identify teachable moments.

Top Benefits of Zoom Call REcording with Gong

From seamless integrations to cutting-edge AI and machine learning insights, Gong offers benefits simply not found elsewhere. With Gong, call recording is easier, smarter, and more organized than ever.

Call Recordings

 Gong is the only tool that works directly with Zoom’s native call recording tools. Instead of having to open another application, Gong extends Zoom’s existing interface to automatically start recordings and ask every attendee for consent.

Call Transcriptions

Every word counts in a sales call. Gong uses advanced voice recognition technology to accurately transcribe every call, allowing you to stay focused on your customers without frantic note taking or a third-party desktop app.

AI Insights

How well did your reps really do? Gong’s AI insights allow you to see who asked what, note action items, track deal intelligence, and identify customer objections to price and other factors.

CRM Integration

Gong also works alongside most major CRM platforms to seamlessly integrate call insights into your overall CRM strategies. Plus, instead of Zoom cloud, Gong can also upload your Zoom session or screen record to Google Drive.

Why account managers Choose Gong for Zoom Call REcording

Over 3,500 teams choose Gong for call recording and insights. Here’s some of the most common reasons why.

Zoom call image with Gong


Better customer interactions

Gong removes the busywork from sales calls, allowing teams to give buyers their full and undivided attention.


No more note taking

With automatic transcriptions and call insights, reps no longer have to scribble down notes only to miss out on what their buyers are saying.

Reason #3

Quickly build a call database

Gong automatically builds a centralized call database with recordings, transcriptions, insights, and more, making it easy to reference past conversations.

Reason #4

Better coaching

With Gong’s centralized call database, you and your reps can analyze past successes, identify areas of improvement, and reap the benefits of better coaching.

Reason #5

Sales Reps love it

Whether they’re getting ready for an upcoming sales call or identifying key selling points, reps love using Gong to record Zoom meetings and fine-tune their sales techniques.

Reason #6

Aligns teams around customers

With automatic call insights including deal intelligence and customer concerns, Gongs helps better align teams around their buyers’ needs.

Top-Rated Zoom Call REcording Software

Customers across industries, geographies, and sizes trust Gong to drive revenue.

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Engage customers, forecast accurately, and improve account management by recording Zoom Calls with Gong’s all in one revenue intelligence platform.

Your Sales Team’s New Favorite Tool for Gong Call REcording

Our account management software not only records every interaction—every call, email, web conference, or otherwise—but performs deep analysis of those interactions on an ongoing basis. Discover what our customers say.

Account Manager

Sales Enablement Manager

Sales Enablement Leadership

Account Manager

Sales Enablement Manager

Sales Enablement Leadership

Gong allowed our teams to constantly improve our processes and the way we approach clients. We have a culture of learning from one another and Gong enables that for us.
Amir Mizrachi
Account Manager,
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Gong allowed our teams to constantly improve our processes and the way we approach clients. We have a culture of learning from one another and Gong enables that for us.
Amir Mizrachi
Account Manager,
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Gong is hands down a quantum leap in sales enablement. It gives us the ability to identify best practices, identify where there’s room for coaching, and circulate best practices to reps who need them.
Mitchell Matsuo
Manager, Revenue Technology Enablement, Apptio

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It’s really important that we’re nimble in what we’re doing. Gong allows us to keep a real-life update of what’s happening so we can help coach our sales team, customer success team, SDR team, to adjust their talk track and how they can approach the market
Simon Kirk
VP of Sales Development and Enablement, CultureAmp

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Questions & Answers.

How can I record Zoom calls with Gong?

You can start recording and create local recordings by pressing the record button at the bottom of the screen. This feature is available whether you’re a free or paid user in Zoom. Alternatively, you can use Gong to automatically make a cloud recording, as well as transcribe, organize, and analyze Zoom calls.

How do I stop Zoom call recording?

You can stop recording in Zoom by pressing the stop button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. While Gong also has a stop button, it will also automatically stop recording when the call is finished.

What does Gong analyze?

Gong generates live transcriptions of sales calls, then uses that information to identify who said what, what was said, and any key points relevant to sales and deal intelligence.

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