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Top Sales Coaching Software: Data-Driven Coaching Recommendations

The #1 Sales Coaching Software: Create more top-performing A-players. Replicate winning behaviors across your team. Empower your reps with insights into the behaviors most critical to their success. Uplevel your coaching with data-driven recommendations and transform your reps into stars.

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Sales Coaching Software ASAP

There’s a science behind coaching winning sales teams, and it’s found in each call, email, and web conference. Gong captures and analyzes all of these interactions to deliver the insights you need to coach your team to greatness.


Slash Time To First Deal

Cut new-rep ramp time from weeks to days. How? Use Gong’s sales coaching platform to leave feedback without joining calls, for one. And you can build self-guided training models and mock activities based on the exemplary call recordings of your choosing. In fact, Gong helped Genesys reduce ramp time from 6-9 months to less than 60 days. And Genesys is not our only customer to see such impressive results.


Turn Reps Into A-Players

When they log in to Gong, reps will see personalized, data-driven recommendations for what they need to do differently to close more deals. They’ll see what top sellers from their own team rarely talk about, or tend to mention quite often, for example. They can view a breakdown of how their topic duration, talk ration, and other call metrics stack up against their colleagues, too. 

Coaches will see team recommendations in one place, including specific pointers that should help each rep improve. Together, the team will enjoy routine coaching, both tactical and strategic, in a highly visible, highly personalized view based on deep AI-powered analysis.

Reason #3

Share Your Top Performer’s Playbook

On their own time, sales reps can self-improve by reviewing the calls of other top performers, as well as their own, from a searchable database. No need to wait for coaching, either—often, Gong will proactively deliver personalized alerts and notifications. With Gong, finding coaching opportunities and replicable behaviors is a team-wide activity.

Reason #4

Track Coaching Progress

You can have the best sales coaching software on the planet, but still fall short if reps aren’t putting their pointers into practice. Gong not only finds and makes those recommendations, but helps coaches set goals and track a rep’s progress toward achieving them—on a call-to-call basis. Coaches love this capability because they don’t have to shadow every demo to monitor how deals are moving through the pipeline. This helps increase productivity for the entire team.

Reason #5

Sales Reps Love It

Any rep worth their salt at least wants to crush quotas, be successful, and grow their careers. But not all reps have the motivation, resources, and tools to do so. Gong will win your sales reps over by bringing them valuable insights they can actually use to get better, each and every day. They’ll be more productive, spend less time digging, and have visibility into what separates them from top performers. It’s sales coaching that takes care of itself.

Why Use Gong for Sales Coaching Software?

It comes down to clarity, scalability, and accountability. 

Gong gives you a clear understanding of where the coaching opportunities lie for critical sales behaviors and deal-closing skills—even as the landscape shifts, or reps turnover. 

You’ll have a more scalable model for coaching new hires, too, with the ability to assess sales readiness more accurately, while reducing the burden on internal teams.

Finally, you’ll keep managers accountable for making consistent, high-quality coaching available to all team members.

All of which shouldn’t be a problem, because Gong is all about empowering reps and the sales coaches that support them.

From New Hires to Top Producers, Help Your Reps Close More Deals

It’s one thing to onboard, train, and coach a handful of reps. It’s another thing to track progress, share feedback, and uncover insights across a larger team. For that, you need sales coaching software from Gong. Here’s how it works:

Track Progress on Metrics, Messaging, and Best Practices

What makes Gong perfect for sales coaching is the ability to track calls without having to sit in on every one. Use scorecards to leave targeted feedback. Make sure reps are tracking toward goals on their calls. Track call reviews and scrutinize important metrics like topic duration, talk ration, and question rate. Gong will get you much closer to an objective look at progress tracking.

See Where You Win (And Where You Don’t)

Gong captures every coachable moment and pinpoints improvement areas where your coaching will generate the most impact on revenue. It’s sales coaching that produces BIG results by focusing on high impact skill development opportunities.

Personalized Recommendations For Each Rep

If reps are spending too much time talking, for example, or failing to mention certain keywords, Gong lets you know. Gong will even remind reps about follow-ups they mentioned on their calls. Thanks to the capture and deep analysis of all interactions, your coaching teams will have the insights they need to shape winning behaviors. What’s more, Gong will give each rep personalized recommendations so they can step up their game all on their own.

See How Gong’s Sales Coaching Software Works

It’s a proven three-step approach to sales coaching success that’s simple but wildly effective, as follows:

step 1

Capture Sales Interactions

Gong captures every customer touchpoint so you can shine a coaching light on every aspect of your sales process.

step 2

Understand What Works

Gong’s AI picks apart winning behaviors your top reps do without realizing so you can share their recipe for success with the rest of the team.

step 3

Follow Through On Your Coaching

Gong keeps track of how your coaching is being implemented, what impact it’s generating, and where to focus next.

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More Than Sales Coaching Software

Sales leaders know that customer interactions are one of the most powerful assets an organization has. Gong operationalizes those interactions so all go-to-market teams can reach their full potential.


Make decisions about forecasting, pipeline, and revenue based on the hard (and sometimes hard to find) data.


Rely on powerful AI to automate much of the analysis, recommendations, and insights your team needs to improve.


Bring accountability, coaching, and collaboration to the entire sales team. Gong makes it easy to record, share, and learn from successes and failures.

Coach Your Reps To Greatness

See why Gong has become synonymous with sales coaching software:

The Sales Coaches Have Spoken

Gong allows our sales reps to get judgment-free coaching and learn from their peers. It allows them to see what they’re doing well in their conversations and what they need to improve on from a neutral perspective.

The problem is your manager cannot be on every call coaching and being able to provide feedback so to get better. Gong gives you the ability to send your manager the call to review.

If I had to choose one thing I like best it’s the built-in coaching. Reps are able to track their talk time and interactivity level throughout their calls. This feature has changed the behavior of our reps—our consultation calls are now conversations vs. presentations.

I also like the comment feature where you can tag people in a comment at a specific time during the call so you can be surgical with your coaching. It’s been very helpful to coach my BDRs as we target accounts together.

“Coaching That Takes Care Of Itself”

4,000+ Reviews

See Why Thousands of Sales Organizations Turn to Gong

See Gong’s sales coaching software in action:


Sales Coaching Software FAQ

Your questions about sales coaching answered:

What is sales coaching software?

The world’s top organizations use sales coaching software to win more deals. Gong helps them analyze endless amounts of customer interactions to uncover coachable moments, replicable best practices, and progress toward stated goals. 

How Does Gong’s Sales Coaching Software Work?

Gong’s powerful AI constantly looks for insights that your sales reps can use to step up their game. The deal board provides a quick look at overall deal health in a single view. Gong will also send deal warnings, remind reps to follow up, and flag parts of the call for further review. In terms of sales training software, Gong makes it easy to create different scorecards for colleagues and save important information for coaching purposes.

Many sales teams use our CRM integration (currently for Salesforce, Hubspot, or Microsoft Dynamics 365) to import CRM fields into Gong. From there, you can create tailored informative deal boards based on the filters you care about.

Why Should You Use Sales Coaching Software?

There’s a simple reason that Gong is such a game changer for sales management: time. With Gong, sales managers can make sure all of their reps are spending time on high-value activities. Whether that’s creating personalized coaching modules, or saving at-risk deals, reps will have visibility into the best next step for a given deal to close. Beyond its strength as sales coaching software, Gong also delivers insights around forecasting, onboarding, pipeline management, and more.

Does Gong integrate with my CRM?

With Gong Connect auto dialer software, you’ll be able to do the following:

Does Gong connect to my CRM?

Our sales coaching software integrates with top CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot, and Salesforce. Using these integrations, Gong automatically records, tracks, and logs sales calls in your CRM. That way, your team can search and analyze interactions based on opportunity stage, vertical and other variables.

What Kind of Insights Can Gong Deliver?

With respect to sales coaching, Gong helps coaches not only identify winning behaviors, but replicate them across the team. Because Gong AI is constantly recording and analyzing customer interactions, you’ll routinely uncover insights around what wins more deals. This includes forecasting, trending topics, and competitive analysis (to name a few). Gong is particularly good at helping leadership teams understand where deals go off the rails and why.

Which Tools Does Gong Integrate With?

Gong integrates with more than a hundred different tools across dozens of categories. Those categories include Automation & Workflows, CRM, Identity & Access Management, and Telephony Systems. Our Sales & Learning Enablement category alone includes integrations for: 

  • Highspot
  • Klue
  • Lessonly
  • Seismic
  • Vidyard
  • Brainshark
  • Crayon
  • e4enable
  • EverAfter
  • LevelJump
  • Proposify

For more information, see the full list of Gong integrations.

How to Connect Gong with Salesforce?

Gong is one of the best sales coaching software available on the Salesforce Exchange. There’s also the Gong-Salesforce API. Either way, use this handy integration to import your existing database of sales calls and transcripts, and to automatically record and log calls in Salesforce. 

Features of the Gong integration for Salesforce include: Pricing Alerts; Pipeline Analysis Dashboard; and Competitive Analysis Dashboard. Use any and all of these features to add context to sales conversations, dive into each deal’s milestones, and track progress. It’s what we call a sales CRM’s “missing half.”

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