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SurveyMonkey takes coaching for customer success to the next level

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The challenge

When SurveyMonkey first brought in Gong, it was primarily just to understand what was going on in CSM phone calls — what topics were being discussed and what made a good or unsatisfactory call.

The outcome

SurveyMonkey ended up with the realization that they could transform the way they coached through insights gleaned from Gong. They learned to set clear benchmarks and to train towards high quality customer conversations. Ultimately, using Gong has positively changed the way the team engages with customers.


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Survey Software

Working with Gong has made us better managers and better CSMs.
Jeffrey Coleman
VP of Customer Success

SurveyMonkey: Where the Curious Come to Grow

SurveyMonkey is the world’s leading survey software, and as a company, it is a place “where the curious come to grow.”

Jeffrey Coleman, SurveyMonkey’s VP of Customer Success, is well-aligned to this philosophy. “We’re always trying to figure out what it is we can learn from a situation,” he shares. “How do we take what we’re learning, adapt that, and really put that into our growth mindset?” 

For SurveyMonkey, bringing in Gong was an opportunity for their team to start to listen and learn about what was really going on in interactions with customers.

Gong Helps SurveyMonkey Elevate the Quality of Customer Conversations

Since deploying Gong’s customer success software, SurveyMonkey has seen an improvement in CSMs who were being coached, but also by the managers who are doing the coaching. Using scorecards, having visibility into the lifecycle of an account, a greater understanding of churn indicators, and better cross-functional collaboration has helped the CS team thrive.


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