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scaleMatters and Gong: Elevating LabWare’s sales strategy to new heights

Partner North America

LabWare, a leader in laboratory automation software, has elevated its sales strategy by leveraging the partnership between Gong and scaleMatters. Through a bespoke engagement, scaleMatters helped LabWare harness the potential of the Gong Revenue Intelligence platform to achieve a more efficient sales process, increase client satisfaction, improve transparency and collaboration across the company, as well as an 80% reduction in rep onboarding time. 

reduction in onboarding time





Customer SIZE

500-1000 employees


Laboratory Automation

As an organization, we’ve become very
big fans of Gong and scaleMatters.
Mike Learner
Managing Director, North America, LabWare

LabWare recently entered a lucrative new chapter for its sales team thanks to a partnership between Gong and scaleMatters. 

In the laboratory automation software sector, sales strategies are often as complex as the technologies they’re designed to sell. scaleMatters helped the team at LabWare simplify its sales approach and cultivate a deeper understanding of its customers’ needs using Gong data. LabWare now has a much more efficient sales process and greater client satisfaction — outcomes that benefit LabWare’s entire revenue team.

A tech stack that sings

scaleMatters is a Revenue Operations firm specializing in Salesforce configuration and known for delivering “accurate, full-funnel revenue analytics.” All three companies — LabWare, Gong, and scaleMatters — have a shared understanding of the importance of data-centric sales strategies. When scaleMatters introduced LabWare to Gong during a recent tech stack revamp, the integration was seamless.

LabWare’s initiative was straightforward yet ambitious: integrate a suite of sophisticated solutions to distill clarity from data complexity. By weaving together the functionalities of their tech stack solutions (including CRM), scaleMatters created a cohesive data ecosystem for LabWare. That meant they could gain data-backed insights into their sales process and customer journey.

Gong’s role in this tech architecture was pivotal. Its recording and analytical capabilities didn’t just capture conversations, they offered a window into the nuances of customer interactions. Having deep insight into customers’ sales behaviors was transformative, enabling LabWare to pinpoint and cultivate behaviors that drive successful outcomes.

“Together, Gong and scaleMatters do the hard bits for us — analyzing customer interactions, uncovering trends using trackers, and measuring our progress as we absorb their analyses into our working practices to reshape the way we run our sales processes.” Mike Learner, Managing Director, LabWare

Onboarding that empowers

At the heart of LabWare’s renewed sales strategy is a robust training program powered by Gong. This initiative has significantly condensed the onboarding time for new sales representatives. With Gong’s technology, new hires gain an unparalleled learning experience using a Call Library of best-in-class sales videos they can learn to mirror. This approach has proven incredibly efficient, reducing the typical education gap from 3-4 months to just a few weeks — a remarkable improvement of over 80%. It teaches them how to present the product and familiarizes them with the specific language and questions pertinent to different parts of the industry.

“Current reps can watch demos, and new hires can learn the product by watching calls from every stage of our sales process — not just the introductory bit they’ll be responsible for — but the whole thing.” — Mike Learner, Managing Director, LabWare 

Efficiency that excites

Gong has become an integral part of LabWare’s operations, enhancing transparency and collaboration across the company. This seamless integration into their project management and customer service protocols has aligned sales and service delivery, creating a unified customer experience.

An essential improvement is in post-sale clarity. LabWare now uses Gong’s demo videos to ensure consistent understanding between their sales, service teams, and customers about what was presented and agreed upon. This has significantly reduced conflicts and misunderstandings, streamlining project kick-offs and fostering smoother client interactions.

Additionally, LabWare has innovatively adopted Gong as a ‘Video Vault’ for specialized functionality demos. This approach replaces the need for repetitive overviews and complex web hosting, offering a secure and user-friendly content-sharing platform. As a result, Gong has improved LabWare’s internal efficiencies and enhanced their customer engagement, establishing trust and clarity as the cornerstones of their client relationships.

“Oil and gas customers are very different from food customers, which are very different from pharmaceutical customers — and their motivations differ.  I love the partnership between scaleMatters and Gong because it’s helped us revolutionize how we manage our pipeline across industries.” — Mike Learner, Managing Director, LabWare 

Innovation that drives personalization

LabWare’s forward-thinking strategy is showcased by its adoption of Gong’s advanced features like Call Spotlight, which brings meaningful sales insights and customer feedback to the surface.

For example, LabWare now offers accessible, on-demand presentations to clients using an integrated and comprehensive video library of every sales call made through Gong. This proactive use of video content serves multiple functions: It provides customers with a resource for self-service learning and support, it breaks down complex information into digestible pieces, and it ensures that no matter where customers are in the world, they have the information they need in a format that transcends linguistic and geographic boundaries. (Gong supports clients in 70+ languages with the best transcription accuracy available.)

Using Gong’s advanced features, LabWare doesn’t just keep pace with industry trends — they set them. They offer educational customer experiences that are just as cutting-edge as their products.

Moreover, the Gong platform has been instrumental in personalizing customer interactions. By sharing tailored recordings, LabWare’s sales team can demonstrate a clear understanding of each customer’s unique challenges and requirements. This level of personalization in engagement has improved customer relationships and set a new standard in customer service, showing LabWare’s commitment to anticipating client needs and exceeding expectations.

“We can easily share recording highlights with our customers after demo calls. We can send them Call Snippets. We can search through transcriptions in multiple languages. We’ve saved a bucket of time by avoiding repetitive demoing, and almost eliminated duplicate demos — which made up about 20% of the demos we used to run.” — Mike Learner, Managing Director, LabWare 

LabWare’s ongoing journey with Gong

LabWare’s experience showcases the real-world benefits of working closely with the right technology partners. With the help of Gong and scaleMatters, LabWare has transformed its approach to sales and customer service, making its operations more transparent and its business decisions more data-informed. They’ve set a new standard by pairing their commitment to ongoing improvements with the industry’s most innovative technology. As LabWare continues to adopt new features in Gong and refine its customer interactions, it does so with clear evidence that well-integrated technology leads to tangible successes.

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