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Pendo Implements Methodologies to Improve Win Rates Using Gong

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The challenge

Pendo didn’t have clarity on how their reps were actually taking to their training. Were they applying that into the market? Did they understand the new messaging? Additionally, they struggled to quantify how their prospects and the market was responding.

The outcome

The implementation and incorporation of Gong at Pendo has given them that insight but has also provided them the opportunity to act on it.


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The Search for Visibility

Pendo is a software platform that helps product teams and application owners improve users’ experience with their software.

Before, Pendo didn’t really have a clear picture on whether their sales strategy and training was being implemented or not. More importantly, they didn’t have any conclusive results on whether the market was responding well to it either!

Enter Gong.

Michael Hoy, the Director of Corporate Sales at Pendo shares that Gong has “created data and assets intelligence.”

It’s really given us insight to be able to competitively attack the market better, to be able to train and validate that our training is actually working with our reps, that they’re not just internalizing it but actually applying it correctly,” Michael says.

With Clarity Comes Improvements

The result? After strategic adjustments influenced by Gong data, Pendo has moved up market, changed their motion, and implemented things like sales methodologies. They’ve also introduced brand new products. Furthermore, Pendo’s frontline managers are reporting that consistently, their reps are coming to market within a month of being hired at Pendo, being able to effectively deliver product knowledge, product, intel, and product demos.

We’ve seen our competitive win rates increase,” Michael confirms proudly. “ASP (average selling price) certainly has.”


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