Maximieren Sie das Potenzial Ihres Go-to-Market-Teams

Was zeichnet Spitzenreiter aus? Welche Deals haben das größte Risiko? Welche Botschaften kommen bei Ihren Käufern an? Holen Sie sich eine Demo, um zu sehen, wie Gong helfen kann.

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The CFO letter template​

The cheat code to unfreeze budget and get approval

Times are tough. Every dollar counts. Before your deal gets the green-light, you still need to win over the CFO. This fill-in-the-blanks template will get your champion using language that resonates with budget-holders. And get your deal inked.

Here’s what’s included
  • Simple fill-in template
    It’s like mad-libs for getting deals approved.
  • Think like a cfo
    Use language that convinces finance teams to open the vault.
  • Crisis-proof
    The final push you need to win deals in uncertain times.

How to use the CFO letter template​
  • Fill it in with your champion: Get your letter drafted in 9 minutes or less.
  • Send it to the CFO: Get your champion to hit “send” in your meeting.
  • Land the deal: Get approval before you can hit closed-won.

CFO-proof your deals

It’s so simple it’ll feel like cheating (but it’s not).

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