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The high-growth sales strategy template

Build an unstoppable revenue engine with this sales strategy template. Create your ideal account profile (IAP), build out your qualification criteria, fine-tune your sales process, and map out your revenue strategy.

What you’ll learn

Dominate your market

Uncover how high-growth teams build a clear gameplan to box out the competition and win the lion’s share of their market.

Build your sales engine

Assemble the key elements of winning sales strategies to add some serious horsepower to your revenue engine.

The #1 sales strategy blunder

NOTHING breaks down your sales strategy like poor targeting. Learn how top sales leaders fine-tune their Ideal Account Profile.

How to use the sales strategy template
  • Map out your IAP
    It’s just as important to know “who to target” as it is to know “who NOT to target.” Use this template to build your Ideal Account Profile and take over your TAM.
  • Fine-tune your sales process
    Use this template to focus your sales strategy where your team can drive the biggest revenue impact.
  • Execution eats strategy for breakfast
    It’s true. Strategy is nothing without execution. Use this highly effective sales strategy template to build a clear framework to rally your team and win your market.

Get the template and within seconds you’ll learn

Your ideal account profile

You might not know your ICP as well as you think you do. Use this template to list out the attributes (geography, industry, etc.) of who you should be targeting and qualifying into your sales plan.

The buying committee

Know exactly who’s involved and who’s calling the shots. Build out buyer profiles for each stakeholder (objectives, fears, etc.) so you can tailor the message and presentations.

Repeatable sales conversations

Learn the repeatable sales conversations your reps will have from first meeting to closed/won. This includes calls, meetings, and emails—a detailed sales process that helps reps maximize win rates by engaging the right personas at the right time.

What buyers want to hear

Create conversation maps so reps understand exactly which talk track to use based on persona, use case, and deal stage. Ever wonder the secret behind those top sellers that always crush their quota? This is their secret weapon.

Which templates are included?
  • IAP and buyer profile template
    Learn how high-growth teams qualify buyers before they enter the sales cycle. Hyper-focus your sales strategy with next-level account targeting.
  • Sales process template
    Map out the key stages in your sales cycle to get your team to execute pipeline consistently and with maximum efficiency.
  • Customer conversation map template
    Increase your conversion rates throughout your sales funnel with this messaging template for sales teams.

Frequently asked questions

How can I use the sales strategy template?

This template includes four frameworks to define the core pillars of your sales strategy: from targeting, qualification, process, and talk tracks. It also includes examples to understand how to effectively leverage these templates. You’ll find that you can easily build out your own IAP, sales processes, and other aspects of your strategy using these templates as reference.

What templates are included in the pdf?

We packed this one to the brim with the good stuff. When you download this sales strategy template, you actually get access to four separate templates corresponding to the most crucial pillars of winning high-growth sales strategy:

  • The Ideal Account Profile template: Exactly what you need to know about the buyers your reps should be targeting and qualifying.
  • The Buyer Profile template: Be very clear about who’s who on the buying committee so you’re talking about the right things.
  • The Sales Process template: Build a repeatable process for maximizing win rate.
  • The Customer Conversation Map template: Build out talk tracks for the predictable, repeatable business problem(s) your company solves.
Who is the sales strategy template for?

The template is designed for sales and revenue leaders looking to rally their team around the core pillars of their sales strategy, roll out high-growth sales initiatives, and dominate their market. Whether you have an existing sales strategy that you need to rethink, or you’re ready to tear it all down and start over, this template will definitely get the juices flowing. If nothing else, have a quick read for some inspiration.

Speaking of sales strategy, do you have any other resources to help me reach my goals?

As a matter of fact, we do. Allow us to introduce you to our 5 Must-Have Sales Playbook Examples. When you download this handy guide, you get a practical blueprint for a truly elite sales playbook, including: 

  • Sales referrals
    It’s time to move beyond cold calls, follow-up emails, and those repetitive brainstorming sessions. That’s right: a strategic playbook for generating more referrals.
  • Sales coaching
    This sales coaching playbook lays out five power plays that will change how you coach your reps to success.
  • Multi-threading
    How many deals has your team lost because the whole thing was reliant on one stakeholder? Get a playbook designed to make sure that never happens again—a de-risking technique we call multi-threading.
  • Competitive deal
    Why deny it? Your competitors are right there beside you on most deals. Might as well acknowledge that fact, plan for it, and turn it into leverage. That’s what the competitive deal playbook is all about.
  • Objection handling
    Make sure reps know exactly how to respond to—and overcome—common objections. This playbook includes eight techniques for handling objections that are used by the reps who win most often.
Wait a minute, who is Gong and what do they do?

Did we forget to introduce ourselves? How rude. We’re Gong, purveyors of sales intelligence software unlike anything else on the market. But you don’t have to take out our word for it: just check out our reviews on G2 Crowd, or browse through some of our customer success stories.


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