Maximieren Sie das Potenzial Ihres Go-to-Market-Teams

Was zeichnet Spitzenreiter aus? Welche Deals haben das größte Risiko? Welche Botschaften kommen bei Ihren Käufern an? Holen Sie sich eine Demo, um zu sehen, wie Gong helfen kann.

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Avoid these 5 sales “best practices” that are actually deal-killing mistakes

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We uncovered 5 things sales people think are helping them close deals, but are actually hurting their success rates (yikes!).

This cheat sheet lists them all, plus data-backed sales tips to help you avoid them. Master them, and you’ll need to open a second savings account for all that commission.

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • The truth behind selling with ROI
  • How top performers handle objections (it’s not what you think!)
  • The ideal number of discovery questions to ask
  • How to effectively structure your demo
  • The #1 mistake sellers make when using social proof


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