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Conference Call Transcription Software: No More Messy Notes

Gong’s AI-driven conference call transcription software is your ultimate team player in the virtual meeting arena. This isn’t just any transcription tool – it’s a seamless blend of recording and intelligent analysis, making your conference calls more than just meetings; they become gold mines of opportunities.

Get More from Conference Calls with Gong

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What is Conference Call Transcription Software?

Conference call transcription software is like your meeting sidekick! This clever tool is all catures every word in your online meetings and turns them into text. Say goodbye to the days of frantic note-taking or that “Oh no, I missed that!” feeling. It’s like having someone in the meeting whose only job is to remember everything for you.

Not only does it jot down everything said, but it’s also smart enough to figure out who’s speaking and even puts a spotlight on the important bits. Whether you’re part of a global team juggling different languages or just trying to keep up in a multilingual setting, this software has your back. Some versions even do real-time translation – how cool is that?

In short, it’s like a mini-assistant that’s always on its A-game, making sure you don’t miss a beat in our whirlwind, virtual world.

Why Invest in Conference Call Transcription Software?

Gong’s built-in Zoom integration automatically records calls, takes notes, and even delivers deep insights to your chosen CRM platforms. That means no more no more searching for the “record” button and no more note taking — only more opportunities to build on your success.

Automatically record and transcribe sales calls.

That means your team can fully focus on the buyer and still get great notes on every call. While standard audio transcription tools can only offer 75%-80% accuracy. Gong’s speech-to-text model averages 85%-90% accuracy.

Build a library of winning plays.

Teams can create searchable libraries of conference calls and transcripts to share best practices and replicate the success of your top reps. It’s like a search engine for your conference calls.

Connect Gong to your tech stack.

Gong offers dozens of integrations for CRMs, sales enablement tools, calendars, and email providers. It makes recordings and insights from Gong easy to store, access, and share.

Turn conference calls into actionable insights.

Gong doesn’t just record and transcribe your calls. It also uses AI and machine learning to analyze conversations for talk ratio, question pacing, and more. Gong even identifies at-risk deals and helps sales managers give their reps personalized feedback.

How Does gong transcribe conference calls?

Gong makes sales simpler. Here’s how conference call transcription with Gong works:

Step 1

Gong connects with your team’s calendars and phone or web conferencing tools to automatically record and transcribe calls.

Step 2

Using AI, Gong analyzes the full transcript, uncovering critical insights like talk ratio, topics covered, and whether pricing was mentioned.

AI Insights

Gong adds all this crucial information to your CRM automatically. Your contact records get smarter with every call.

Why Sales LEaders Choose Gong for Conference Call Transcription

Does Gong record and transcribe phone calls, web conferences, and auto-dialers?

Absolutely. But it doesn’t stop at transcription. Gong analyzes conversations with AI and machine learning to provide meaningful insights and actionable suggestions.

conference call transcription software


Get a reality-based view of your pipeline

Know what’s happening across your entire team. Based on reality (not opinions), Revenue Intelligence is the modern way to win deals, increase customer satisfaction, and speak the buyer’s language.


Deliver personalized coaching at scale

Gong takes the guesswork out of sales training and development. It measures how much your top reps talk (versus listen) and makes recommendations to replicate their success across your team.

Reason #3

Get summaries for every call.

Not only does your sales team get complete notes from every call, you also get call summaries with statistics, topics, and action items.

Reason #4

Align teams around your buyers.

Gong doesn’t just allow you to record and transcribe calls — it allows you to really listen. AI and machine learning helps you identify what buyers want and what leads to conversion.

Top-Rated Conference call Software

Customers across industries, geographies, and sizes trust Gong to drive revenue.

Get the scoop on pricing

Engage customers, forecast accurately, and improve account management by transcribing conference calls with Gong’s all in one revenue intelligence platform.

Your Sales Team’s New Favorite Tool for Conference Call Transcirption

Our conference call software not only records every interaction—every call, email, web conference, or otherwise—but performs deep analysis of those interactions on an ongoing basis. Discover what our customers say.

Account Manager

Sales Enablement Manager

Sales Enablement Leadership

Account Manager

Sales Enablement Manager

Sales Enablement Leadership

Gong allowed our teams to constantly improve our processes and the way we approach clients. We have a culture of learning from one another and Gong enables that for us.
Amir Mizrachi
Account Manager,
Read case study
Gong allowed our teams to constantly improve our processes and the way we approach clients. We have a culture of learning from one another and Gong enables that for us.
Amir Mizrachi
Account Manager,
Read case study
Gong is hands down a quantum leap in sales enablement. It gives us the ability to identify best practices, identify where there’s room for coaching, and circulate best practices to reps who need them.
Mitchell Matsuo
Manager, Revenue Technology Enablement, Apptio

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It’s really important that we’re nimble in what we’re doing. Gong allows us to keep a real-life update of what’s happening so we can help coach our sales team, customer success team, SDR team, to adjust their talk track and how they can approach the market
Simon Kirk
VP of Sales Development and Enablement, CultureAmp

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Questions & Answers.

What is call transcription software?

Call transcription software converts audio conversations from calls into written text. It works for phone calls, as well as auto-dialers and web conferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Call transcription software guarantees that sales teams have accurate records of their conversations, which can be used for onboarding, coaching, and sharing best practices.

How does call transcription work?

Call transcription software uses speech to text technology to convert call audio to written text. It can even identify different speakers. Whether you’re using outbound phone calls, auto-dialers, or web conferencing tools, call transcription captures and transcribes conversations. Gong can transcribe calls in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Hebrew.

How do you auto transcribe a meeting?

Once you connect Gong to your team’s calendar, it automatically joins, records, and transcribes your Zoom meetings or other web conferences. If you use native recording in your web conferencing app (Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc.), Gong automatically imports, transcribes, and analyzes the audio recordings.

How accurate is conference call transcription?

Gong’s speech-to-text model is state-of-the-art and achieves 85%-90% accuracy. Most off-the-shelf conference call transcription services only manage 75%-80% accuracy. Gong uses machine learning to intelligently analyze business calls.

Does Gong’s call transcription software integrate with my CRM?

Gong has pre-built integrations for Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can see a full list of Gong integrations here, including Slack, Google Workspace, Zoom, Webex, Klue, and Outreach.

Do I need to obtain consent from participants to transcribe conference calls?
  1. Some countries and US states require that both parties on a call be notified that the call is being recorded. Gong makes it easy to notify callers regardless of location.

Gong helps you notify participants and get their consent in several ways:

  • You can use a personalized consent page hosted by Gong for obtaining recording consent. Team members send invitees the link to this page. After invitees consent to recording, they’re directed to the meeting.
  • Teams can use Gong’s calendar add-on to easily schedule meetings using the consent page in the native calendar app.
  • Gong makes it easy to send pre-call emails to participants 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled call. The email serves as both a reminder of the call and notice that it’s recorded. 
  • There’s always the good old standby: an audio prompt. When they join the call, participants hear a message telling them that the call is being recorded.

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