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Was zeichnet Spitzenreiter aus? Welche Deals haben das größte Risiko? Welche Botschaften kommen bei Ihren Käufern an? Holen Sie sich eine Demo, um zu sehen, wie Gong helfen kann.

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Intelex enhances onboarding and collaboration to strengthen sales strategy

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The challenge

Intelex wanted to improve their employee retention and onboarding processes.

The outcome

Bringing in Gong made Intelex’s sales onboarding process a lot easier, and helped level up the skills of existing salespeople. It has also empowered employees to be more collaborative among the different internal teams.


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Simplification of the rep onboarding and coaching experience

Intelex is the world’s leading environmental, health and safety, and quality management software solution.

They brought Gong into the organization several years ago because they wanted to enhance their onboarding process in order to improve the retention of sales reps at the company. Jennifer Boudreau, the Director of Revenue Operations at Intelex shares,”We’ve now got a great collective of calls that people should listen to when they’re new — whether it be prospecting, whether it be qualifying negotiations or presenting.”

As time passed, the company has actually expanded the scope of their usage, and are now using it for coaching as well.

Whole picture view into the status of deals

Additionally, Intelex has started exploring Gong’s Deal Intelligence feature, which have allowed them to get the whole picture of an account.

“So now, when we go into an account, we can look at all of the recorded calls. We can look at all the emails in any CRM transaction or activity that’s taken place. People have the whole picture,” Jennifer says, “Now they can work on strategy with different members from different teams as well.”


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