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Win sales and stop revenue leaks with advanced conversation intelligence software

October 26, 2023
Christine Dzou

Christine Dzou

Conversation Intelligence Gong AI Selling Skills

In an increasingly saturated marketplace, now, more than ever before, the race is on to get inside the customer’s mind in order to beat your competition to a sale.

Think of industry giants like Apple and Tesla. They’re not just innovating but racing against time and rivals to crack the code of buyer engagement.

Answers to questions like, “What drives a purchase?” or “When will a buyer commit?” is now within reach with conversation intelligence (CI) software.

Conversation intelligence offers cutting-edge technology that analyzes customer conversations and translates words into wisdom, empowering innovators with a deeper understanding of buyer motivations and needs.

In this article, we’ll explore how conversation intelligence software can revolutionize your sales strategy, stop revenue leakage, and outperform your competitors every time.

What’s conversation intelligence?

Conversation intelligence uses machine learning and natural language processing to identify keywords and topics in customer interactions. This info is pulled from customer chats and calls to give sales teams insight into buyer wants and needs. Teams can then use this data to inform their processes and improve the customer experience.

Much like the new wave of transcription software taking the business world by storm, conversation intelligence software records and transcribes calls and meetings. CI software takes these transcripts to the next level using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the raw text, drawing out deeper meanings and insights. Natural language processing (NLP) identifies topics, buyer sentiments, objections, and talk patterns in reps and prospects.

Conversation analysis flow chart

Here’s how it works:

  • Gong conversation intelligence integrates with your online calendars to track your team’s meeting schedule
  • Gong then joins your meetings as a participant, recording both video and audio
  • All recordings are securely stored in the Gong platform for you to refer to at any time
  • Using AI, Gong analyzes and transcribes all meetings
  • Gong identifies key details and important information for easy reference

This AI-driven superpower takes the sales world by storm, providing teams with actionable business insights previously hidden within customer conversations.

What data can conversation intelligence analyze?

TechCrunch says data has surpassed traditional commodities to become the world’s most valuable yet vulnerable resource.

This is especially true in the sales world, where understanding buyer behavior, preferences, and trends can be the difference between success and failure.

However, merely amassing data is not the endgame. The real mastery lies in leveraging this data effectively. It’s not just about what data you have— it’s about how you apply it. At Gong, our conversation intelligence solution goes beyond traditional data points. Along with identifying keywords, competitor mentions, product references, and talk-to-listen ratios, Gong stands out in its ability to discern context. Gong’s sophisticated algorithms can comprehend sentiment, capturing the essence of every customer engagement. This depth offers invaluable insights, revolutionizing how businesses approach sales strategies.

List of data for analysis

What are the benefits of conversation intelligence?

The benefits of conversation intelligence are wide-reaching, from offering complete visibility over your sales pipeline to shortening the sales cycle and closing more deals.

And sales teams are catching on. The conversation intelligence software market is currently valued at a massive USD $22.8 billion, with predictions showing it will reach $46.8 billion by 2033.

Conversation AI adoption pie chart

Provide in-depth buyer insights

When leveraged in the right way, conversation intelligence software becomes your most sophisticated research tool. Using data given to you directly by your customers allows your reps to walk in the customer’s shoes, understanding how they feel about your products, what works, and what needs improvement.

Gong’s CI platform pulls specific sentiments from customer conversations. This information informs your reps and how they approach their sales and can also be fed upwards to revenue leaders and product designers to redesign products and services to address commonly mentioned issues. Gong’s productboard integration allows reps to quickly send these messages interdepartmentally, so valuable feedback isn’t lost. 

Increase conversions

Without insight into your customers and their needs, your sales team is flying blind, following up on neverending leads that go cold without understanding why.

CI software takes the guesswork out of sales, allowing you to gain meaningful insights into buyer behaviors and how they respond to your outreach efforts.

Gong’s CI platform provides visibility over:

  • How your customers respond to cold calls
  • Why they are turning down a sale
  • Which sales scripts are working (and which ones fall flat)
  • What prevented buyers from being satisfied with previous purchases
  • Bottlenecks encountered along the buyer journey

These issues lie at the heart of leading from prospect to purchase. Understanding where the obstacles are allows your team to pivot as necessary— increasing customer satisfaction and ultimately improving conversion rates. With recent studies showing teams using conversation intelligence saw an overall 21% growth in revenue, CI software is a game changer for sales teams.

Enhance customer experience

Understanding customer pain points and preferences allows reps to provide tailored solutions, leading to happier and more satisfied customers.

Here’s a scenario: Imagine you’re engrossed in a call with a potential client. You’re eager to seal the deal, but as they dive deep into the nuances of their specific market — terrain you’re unfamiliar with — they use the term ‘hyper-specialized vertical reach.’ It’s Greek to you. Instead of pausing and asking them to clarify, you wrap up the conversation, still in the dark. However, there’s a silver lining! Gong’s CI software has been eavesdropping, deciphering that jargon, and enlightening you: they’re discussing scalability. Voilà! With this newfound knowledge, you can craft your subsequent approach, amplifying your chances of landing that deal.

This ability to understand the buyer’s underlying needs is driving a 48% improvement in customer ratings for teams using CI software.

Facilitate training and development

New sales team members can learn from successful calls, gaining insights into effective communication strategies and objection-handling techniques. New market teams can use these insights to flesh out their sales playbook with real-world examples and methodologies that have a proven win rate.

When it comes to getting new hires up to speed, Gong’s conversation intelligence tools streamline the sales onboarding process. Sales teams can leverage our platform to empower new team members with a curated onboarding library filled with standout conversations, enabling them to grasp what an effective call sounds like at each sales process stage, all in lightning-fast time.

Rep training flow chart

Who needs conversation intelligence?

While the tech industry has quickly adopted AI, NLP, and machine learning-powered applications, other industries are still grappling with their integration. While most sales teams have strong onboarding processes and have implemented a CRM, some still need to catch up regarding data and analytics.

Integrating CI into your sales tech stack means:

  • Sales managers no longer need to try and be across a hundred sales calls. CI software allows them to gain a deeper understanding of how and why their team is winning or losing sales without the need to be constantly dropping into sales calls. This can be leveraged to develop strategies and identify coaching opportunities to maximize conversion rates.
  • Sales reps can learn from your team’s top performers via data-driven insights. CI software identifies the team members who are closing the most deals and how they are doing it.
  • Enablement teams can build scalable and measurable, consistent programs that drive winning behaviors from the outset.
  • Marketers gain direct access to the voice of the customer to uncover winning messages, competitive intelligence, and market insights to drive messaging, campaigns, and content.
  • Customer-facing teams can build stronger client relationships by using CI to drive proactive rather than reactive conversations.

Using conversational intelligence in the sales pipeline

40% of companies using AI to improve customer experience report using it to fill their sales pipeline.

Here’s how conversation intelligence software can be a game-changer as you move from prospecting to purchase.

1. Prospecting

Ready to kick off? With Gong’s conversation intelligence tool, you can sift through successful interactions to identify those gold-star openers. Maybe touching on certain challenges earns you more email engagements. Ditch those generic templates. Instead, craft your outreach backed by tried-and-true insights.

2. Initial conversations

Jumping into initial chats? Let Gong be your eyes and ears. Gong will work to detect key phrases that speak to buyer concerns, making sure you understand what matters most to them. Say goodbye to generic pitches and hello to personalized engagement. With Gong’s insights, you can craft conversations that resonate deeply, building trust and forging stronger connections with every interaction.

3. Progressing deals

Moving things forward? Gong is your secret weapon at this stage, identifying the features that make your prospects sit up and take notice. By tuning into these preferences, you can tailor your follow-ups to ensure you keep the momentum flowing towards the close.

4. Addressing concerns

Hit a roadblock? No problem. Gong pinpoints common objections and equips you with tested strategies to navigate them, turning concerns into opportunities and keeping the deal on track

What should I look for in conversation intelligence software?

When deciding which conversation intelligence platform is right for your needs, there are several things to consider:

  • Does it have accurate transcription and analysis capabilities?
  • Does it have advanced AI capabilities that can discern context and sentiment?
  • Will it integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack?
  • Is the interface user-friendly with easy-to-comprehend data visualization tools?
  • Does it offer actionable insights to inform your team’s sales strategies?
  • Will it scale as your business grows?

What is the difference between revenue intelligence and conversation intelligence?

Revenue intelligence and conversation intelligence are like two sides of one coin. Revenue intelligence analyzes all aspects of the sales process that influence revenue, using data from a range of touchpoints to identify sales drivers and efficiencies. Conversation intelligence focuses on analyzing interactions between your reps and customers, extracting insights about dialogue quality, sentiment, and topics discussed. While they analyze slightly different data, both offer unique perspectives to optimize sales strategies.

What’s the difference between conversation intelligence and a chatbot?

Chatbots, often found popping up at the bottom of a page asking if you need assistance, are a type of conversation AI. For this reason, conversation intelligence and chatbot are sometimes used interchangeably; however, they aren’t the same. Conversation intelligence is primarily designed to analyze customer conversations between sales reps and potential buyers. It focuses on capturing, transcribing, and analyzing live or recorded conversations to provide feedback, training, and strategic insights. On the other hand, chatbots are automated systems designed to interact with users in real time by simulating human conversation. Chatbots actively engage with users based on pre-set scripts and AI-driven responses.

5. Closing deals

The home stretch! By analyzing the art of the close, Gong provides you with game-changing strategies. Armed with this knowledge, your sales team is primed to seal the deal with confidence and finesse.

Outpace the competition with Gong

Conversation intelligence software allows you to understand what drives customers, so you can fine tune your sales processes and grow your revenue. Ready to learn more? Get a demo of Gong and discover how to beat your competition to the sale every time.

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