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3 Superpowers AI Gives Sales Leaders

May 16, 2017
Rachel Serpa

Rachel Serpa

Sales Management
Artificial Intelligence (AI), or the ability of computers to analyze information, accomplish tasks and make decisions like a person would, is changing our world. Take, for example, the phenomena of self-driving cars. Google’s self-driving prototypes have long been seen parading the streets of Silicon Valley, and if Elon Musk has his way, your Tesla will soon be able to drive around and make you money while you’re at work. Surgeons are also using AI for more precise incisions and to have more accurate patient data. In fact, a report released by the White House in 2016 cited a study that found that when pathologists worked with AI to diagnose cancer, they could reduce their error rate by 85% It’s no surprise that AI is transforming sales, too. Thanks to the data analysis and insights provided by intelligent sales platforms, reps and managers alike can have “sales superpowers” that enable them to make smarter, more strategic decisions. Here are three superpowers AI gives sales leaders that are mighty enough to make Superman green with envy.

X-ray Vision

As a sales manager, you’re outnumbered, and it’s easy to feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to give your reps what they need. If you could be at every meeting and on every call, you would, but you can’t – which is where AI comes in. Rather than joining every one-hour intro call, managers can leverage technologies like natural language processing and machine learning to “see through” these communications in just a few minutes. For example, are reps talking more than they’re listening? Are they covering all the most important topics? Over time, these intelligent sales platforms can even identify red flags and win likelihoods based on diction and other verbal signals, or pinpoint the ideal time within a call to mention pricing. “X-ray” insights like these can be coached to and used to improve overall team performance in a way that was nearly (if not completely) impossible less than a decade ago.


When marketing hands your team a list of a thousand leads, or you’re staring a full day of sourcing in the face, how much time do you think you waste weeding out unqualified or uninterested prospects? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to read companies’ minds and know whether or not they had a high likelihood of converting before spending time researching and reaching out? Believe it or not, you can – more or less. By tracking and analyzing the qualities of won deals in sales tracking software, AI can effectively score leads based on their similarities to these companies and their corresponding close likelihoods. Scientific sales platforms take this a step further by providing data-driven recommendations as to the types of prospects companies should seek out to generate the most value for their business. Using these prescriptive sales insights, teams can grow sales faster by strategically prioritizing their outreach and focusing their efforts on building the right relationships.


Sales forecasting. Do those two words make you nervous? If they do, you’re not alone, with more than ⅔ of businesses classifying their sales forecasts as “ineffective.” With everything from headcount planning to investor interest hinging on your company’s ability to accurately predict future revenue, the ability to see into the future would certainly come in handy for sales leaders everywhere. Luckily, AI can be your crystal ball. Predictive metrics like estimated close date and win likelihood aid in generating more reliable and accurate sales forecasts. What’s more, prescriptive sales insights enable teams to drive toward sales forecasts with precision by recommending the most lucrative lead/rep combinations, team activities and much more. Trending $25K short? Now sales forecasting software can show you exactly what strings to pull to make up the difference.

Becoming a Sales Superhero with Sales AI

AI is transforming sales in many ways, from helping companies identify their ideal prospects to alerting them when a potential deal may be in danger. Who wouldn’t want to absorb all the superpowers that AI has to offer!? To learn more about what artificial sales intelligence can do for your business and how you can get started reaping the benefits, download this free eBook: Beyond Predictive Analytics: Why the Future of AI in Sales Is Prescriptive. If you liked this article you may also be interested in: Sales Rep AI – Here’s how AI will make you a better sales rep

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