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5 Reasons You Should NOT Buy Gong

June 5, 2020
Devin Reed

Devin Reed

Revenue Intelligence

We love Gong.

We love what we do.

We believe in the product we sell.

We drink our own champagne (in the colloquial expression sort of way).

But not everyone loves — or needs — Gong.

And maybe that’s you. Maybe every single conversation your sales reps have ends in a Closed-Won. 

If you’re on the fence about adding Gong to your sales tech stack, we created this guide with all the reasons why you shouldn’t buy our software. 

If you fall into any of the 5 categories below, you should definitely not invest in Gong for your sales team.

1. You’re already closing way too many deals

If you are ringing the “new deal” bell (gong?) every two seconds, maybe you don’t need Gong. 

If you are closing so many deals, your customer success team can’t keep up, maybe you don’t need any help (protip: you should also consider hiring more CSMs). 

Okay, okay. Nobody ever feels like they are closing way too many deals. If you do, maybe sales is not the best career choice. Salespeople are competitive and hungry and never content!

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to winning more deals. 

We’ve found that the biggest culprits holding sales teams back include pitching features instead of value, missing business pain caused by “light” discovery, not involving enough buyers, and not getting to power (missing decision-makers), to name a few.

Gong solves these problems (helping you – you guessed it – win more deals)

It’s really that simple. 

Imagine knowing that every discovery call uncovers true business pain, that your reps are speaking to the true economic buyer in every single deal, or that they’re solving business problems and not sharing features. 

That’s sales utopia in my book.

So if you really do want to increase your win rates, maybe you should consider Gong. 

2. You know EXACTLY what’s going on in your market

Maybe you’re the market-whisperer.

Maybe you just returned from the future and snagged the equivalent of the sports almanac Biff scored in Back to the Future 2.


Or maybe you think you know what’s going on in the market, but in reality, feel like you are one (or 10) steps behind.

We hear you.

Gong helps truly understand your market.

Our platform also lets you hear common — and new — objections from buyers giving you ammo for a proactive approach to your GTM messaging. This means you can hear how the pandemic is impacting your market as it’s happening. Now you can respond accordingly and ensure your messaging is resonating. 

Plus, our technology arms you and your team with data and insights to better understand which (and how often) competitors are being mentioned during sales conversations — phone and email threads. 

Take that, Biff.

Ready for better conversations and a clear view into your market? Let’s get started.

3. None of your deals slip

In your world, all of your forecasted deals close in the same month. As predicted. Exactly how your team projected they would. 

Every. Single. Time.

If you find yourself utterly certain that every deal in your forecast is going to close as projected, then you’ve attained sales leadership nirvana (and may have a multibillion-dollar company on your hands). 


—if you are like many sales managers, several of your in-month deals slip to the following month (or quarter, or… year)

—if you’re like most revenue leaders, you’re familiar with the guessing-game that the end of the quarter inevitably becomes. 

Deals that seem like “sure things” slip into next month/quarter frequently. But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Deal slippage is normal… for Gong-free sales teams.

Gong helps you see which deals in your pipeline are real (healthy) and which are fluff,  then take action on at-risk deals before it’s too late.

Gong helps you see which deals in your pipeline are real

4. Everyone on your team is hitting quota 

If every seller on your team is consistently hitting quota – close this tab immediately. 

In fact, shut down your laptop, put it in a drawer, and go home. You’ve made it. You’ve reached the peak of your sales career — may as well retire on top!

But …

If you’re like most sales leaders, “all team members hitting quota” is not the real world. Instead, you have a handful of team members who you’d like to see move from 70-80% attainment into hitting accelerators early and often.

The problem: It’s never one-size-fits-all when it comes to developing reps. 

No one rep is just like another.

Gong helps you identify hard and soft skill gaps and surfaces which talk tracks are being used (or neglected). 

Gong turns good coaches into world-class, hand-me-the-championship-ring caliber coaches. 

You’ll know who is struggling, how to address the issue, and — maybe most importantly — how to measure the results.

You know, common challenges like reps with an 87% talk time on calls (take a breath, Alex), who isn’t asking enough questions (be more curious, George), or which reps are swearing on every call (you’re a seller, not a sailor, Katie).

5. Your team hates collaborating

Team collaboration is so 2019.

Does this statement describe your squad’s feelings towards working with one another?

Your team is a pack of lone-wolfs, hunting independently and keeping tribal knowledge to themselves.

Gong helps your SDR, sales, customer success teams… product teams, marketing teams… okay everyone on every team collaborate on your most important accounts — all within Gong.

That SDR handoff to an AE? Easy.

That customer escalation to your head of support? Done.

Deal collaboration will be so easy, your pipeline reviews might get cut in half.

Because Gong captures all your calls, all your emails, and all your web conferencing conversations and places them alongside your CRM data, you can easily get up-to-speed on everything happening with every customer.

No more asking your favorite rep, “where are we on that deal?” 

You already know. Gong actually alerted you yesterday.

Some call it a crystal ball. We call it Gong.

By Now, You Get The Idea

We hope these 5 reasons have nudged you off the fence. 

If you’re committed to increasing revenue, rep productivity, and market insight, then you probably do need Gong. 

And that’s perfect, because we’re ready to help. 

Grab time to see a live demo.

Your future self will thank you.

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