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Achieve your revenue
goals with Gong

See how Gong drives revenue outcomes with a powerful suite of AI features.

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Hire, coach, and build productive teams

Providing impactful, personalized coaching is effortless with Gong. Not only do managers get a democratized view of deals across their entire team, Gong’s AI analyzes billions of buyer-seller interactions to proactively surface behaviors that are deal drivers or deal risks.

The result? Sellers get the personalized coaching they need, and managers get time back to focus on assisting with strategic wins.

AI features for team productivity

With Ask Anything, get AI-generated answers about calls, deals, or key accounts to find information that’s important to you—quickly and easily. 

Smart trackers use AI to identify common concepts coming up on customer calls by taking into account diverse words, sentence structures, and relevant context.

Call Spotlight uses AI to understand the nuances of interactions, surfacing the most relevant insights and critical next steps, saving reps and frontline managers time.

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Increase pipeline
predictability and
forecast accuracy

To deliver predictable revenue, every level of the revenue org needs to feel confident that they accurately understand what’s going on with customers, deals, and key accounts.

By leveraging 300+ unique signals gathered not just from CRM, but from direct customer interactions, Gong Forecast empowers RevOps and Sales teams to call accurate forecasts with real-time visibility into which deals are on track and which are at risk.

AI features for pipeline predictability

Focus on the right deals by leveraging Deal Likelihood Scores, which use AI to indicate how healthy a deal is and its likelihood to close in the quarter.

Get up to speed in seconds with Deal Spotlight, which analyzes all touch points through the lifespan of a deal and provides a comprehensive summary.

With Forecast Dashboards, all of your critical revenue analytics are in one place. This helps to streamline reporting, monitor pipeline health, and improve win rates.

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Convert high-quality
pipeline and drive
revenue growth

The core of any revenue organization is its ability to create, manage, and convert pipeline. This requires personalized engagement with the right contacts—not “spray-and-pray” prospecting tactics.

With Gong Engage, transform how sellers build relationships with prospects throughout the sales cycle. By leveraging generative AI and real-time interactions, reps can scale quality outreach and focus on a prioritized list of to-do’s, resulting in more closed deals.

AI features for revenue growth

With GenAI Email Composer, increase the quality of outreach and create high-converting emails with generative AI that uses the context of previous conversations.

Get objective insights with Call Outcomes, which reduces the subjectivity of call dispositions by leveraging AI to gauge true buying intent of prospects.

Get context of deals and accounts in seconds with Ask Anything. By using AI to generate answers to key questions, move deals forward with confidence.

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Unlock the potential
of your revenue team
with purpose-built AI

Many organizations are challenged with the decline of team productivity, pipeline predictability, and revenue growth, but pinpointing (and fixing) exactly what’s broken is impossible without the right context or insights.

With Gong’s Revenue Intelligence platform, leverage the most powerful dataset—billions of buyer-seller interactions—and 40+ proprietary AI models to proactively mitigate risks, scale winning plays, and gain better visibility into deals to call forecasts with accuracy and confidence.

About Gong’s Revenue Intelligence Platform

With Conversation Intelligence, make critical revenue decisions based on insights captured from the most comprehensive set of customer interactions in the industry.

Built on top of Conversation Intelligence is Gong Forecast, which draws from real-time interactions to drive forecast accuracy, actionability, and accountability.

The latest product offering, Gong Engage, automates manual tasks, leverages AI to scale quality engagement, and provides reps with a prioritized list of to-do’s.

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