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Was zeichnet Spitzenreiter aus? Welche Deals haben das größte Risiko? Welche Botschaften kommen bei Ihren Käufern an? Holen Sie sich eine Demo, um zu sehen, wie Gong helfen kann.

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Sales Analytics Software: #1 For Data-Driven Sales Teams

Gong’s sales analytics software captures all customer interactions across calls, meetings, and emails so you can understand what separates the best reps from the rest, which deals will close, and what makes your buyers click so your team can do what matters most — Win. More. Deals.

8 Reasons To Leverage Sales Analytics Software

From deep dives into customer conversations using AI (call analytics) to using actual activity from both reps and buyers from more accurate forecasting (pipeline analytics) to understanding competitive deals and uncovering feature requests (market analytics), Gong’s sales analytics software has all bases covered.

Here are eight (8!) reason you should consider using sales analytics software (like Gong) today:


Develop Personalized Coaching

Gong isn’t just for sales reps. Sales managers also love Gong. Your boss (and boss’s boss) use Gong’s sales analytics software to proactively identify coaching opportunities. As we know, not all reps are created equal. Gong’s powerful AI solution hones in on exactly what each rep needs for focus on in order to improve their performance and — most importantly — close more deals.


Clone Your “A” Players

You know who your best reps are. The numbers don’t lie. Larger pipelines, higher close rates, bigger commission checks. They are the “best of the best” for a reason. Your “A players” deliver — consistently. If only you could clone your top performers, replicating their success across the entire sales organization. Guess what? Gong’s sales analytics software allows you to save the sales conversations of your best reps so you can easily share snippets (or the entire call) with up-and-coming sales people. Do you have a rep in a slump? A rep struggling to overcome an objection? No problem: Share a snippet of how your A Team handles tough situations.

Reason #3

Gain Instant & Actionable Deal Visibility

With Gong’s sales analytics software, there is no hiding. No bad call swept under the rug. We capture all customer-facing interactions — phone, video conferences, in-person meetings, and email. With Gong, there is no need to guess where a deal is in the pipeline. With Gong, assumptions are gone. Gong provides full, actionable deal visibility at every step of the funnel. Gong is a truth serum for your pipeline.

Reason #4

Get Critical Market Intel

Are you relying on sales reps to capture what customers are saying (the good, the bad, the super-insightful)? If so, you are likely missing a big chunk of the story. Let’s be honest, sales reps are not known for taking stellar, fully complete, 100% accurate CRM notes. Gong’s sales analytics software takes the burden off of the sales reps, removes the need for meticulous CRM note-taking, and records all conversations automagically. Gong’ AI turns sales call recordings into a goldmine of actionable insights, helping reps focus in the most important areas.

Reason #5

Build a Culture of Coaching

A wise Gongster once said, “An effective culture of coaching leads to outsized results.” Gong’s sales analytics software makes it easier to build a culture of coaching at your organization. Our solution is comprehensive (providing complete visibility of success drivers and coaching moments), consistent (making it easy for managers to coach and hold reps accountable for follow through, and customizable (easy to adapt coaching based on individual learning styles and preferences).

Reason #6

Effectively Track Enablement Impact

Are your sales reps using the “company-approved” messaging? Are they leveraging the most up-to-date training and enablement materials? Why build best practices and corporate standards if they are not adopted? By tracking use of words and phrases in conversations, Gong has you covered. Eliminate the guesswork. Rely on *real* data.

Reason #7

Improve Onboarding Speed

Onboarding new sales reps takes time. While important (critical!) to ensure long-term success, the longer it takes to ramp up a new rep, the less time they are spending landing new deals. Time literally is money. Using Gong’s sales analytics software means faster quota attainment, better retention rates, and (gasp!) no more call shadowing. Leverage Gong to train new reps using real life conversations with actual customers.

Reason #8

Reps Just LOVE It

Reps love healthy pipelines. Reps love hot leads. Reps love closing (big, many) deals. Reps also love Gong’s sales analytics software — mostly because it helps them with the other, aforementioned “loves.” Sales reps use Gong to take in-call notes, to provide “game tape” insights, and to learn from top performers on the team (see: “Clone Your ‘A’ Players).

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See how Gong’s sales analytics software helps data-driven teams win more deals.

Why Use Gong For Your Team’s Sales Analytics?

The better question is WHY NOT?

Gong’s sales analytics software platform uses AI to dig into the true meaning of your sales conversation. We uncover how the best reps are engaging with prospects. We identify areas for reps to improve. And even better… we empower teams to track weekly progress.

Looking to monitor certain behaviors (reinforce good habits and squash bad ones)? With Gong’s sales analytics software you can get real-time alerts when a competitor is mentioned, when a pricing objection arises, and so on.

Our powerful sales analytics software means reps (and managers) can listen, learn, and replicate behaviors and talk tracks from the top sales people on your team. Simply put, sales tracking software helps you win more deals.

And here is how it works…

How Does Gong’s Sales Analytics Software Work?

It isn’t rocket science. But it is science. Here’s how Gong’s sales analytics software captures, analyzes, and weaponizes your sales team’s data to help you win the unfair share of your market.

step 1

Gong plugs into your sales team’s calendars, emails, and calls to gather activity data.

step 2

Gong breaks down activity data into clear analytics dashboards so you can see what’s working (and what isn’t).

step 3

Gong detects and notifies you of activity that you need to drive coaching, pipeline management, and activity tracking.

step 4

Gong makes your sales analytics actionable by delivering insights into where you can improve sales performance for your team, your deals, and your market.

See Gong in action

More Than Sales Analytics Software

Gong is the #1 Revenue Intelligence platform, a new way of operating based on reality instead of opinions. Gong’s sales software captures customer interactions across calls, meetings, and emails. Next, our AI helps understand what is being said in those interactions. Ultimately, we deliver real-time insights that help you win more deals.

We break down Revenue Intelligence as follows:

People Intelligence

We call this “cloning your A players” — learn from your best reps and replicate it across the entire team. Onboard new reps faster, setting them up for success (faster). Turn managers into gold-medal-winning coaches.

Deal Intelligence

Truly understand your pipeline with a focus on reality instead of opinions and guesses. Proactively take action so deals keep moving forward. Coach your team to close more deals.

Market Intelligence

Hear the unfiltered voice of your market and uncover a gold mine of insights from customer conversations. Win an unfair share of your market and guarantee success when rolling out new initiatives.

What Are You Waiting For?

Get in on the action. Learn more about the Gong’s sales analytics software and how it can help your team close more deals faster — not next year, but next week.

They Tried Gong’s Sales Analytics Software. Then This Happened.

Gong gives you sales call analytics that you really can’t get using another product.

I love the analytics on my sales calls. Allows me to be precise in my selling. I love the data and key insights into each call.

There are so many things I LOVE about Gong that it’s difficult to narrow it down but what I like best is the ability to listen to my call at any point and time, and have all the necessary analytics about the call at my fingertips.

The recording and analytics provided by Gong allow me to be better prepared for future calls. I love it.

Like We Said: Magic

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Demo Gong’s Sales Analytics Software Today

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Glad You Asked.

What is sales analytics software?

Sales analytics software captures and analyzes customer interactions to deliver insights and recommendations to improve sales effectiveness. Sales analytics software can highlight different types of data: activity metrics (calls, emails), performance data (conversion rates, win rates by rep, team, segment), and pipeline data (open opportunities and forecast insights). Using sales analytics software allows teams to use data to inform their go-to-market decisions around: their team, their deals, and their market.

Why use sales analytics software?

Sales analytics software offers a goldmine of insights into your team’s performance and your business. Different teams will use these for different purposes:

  • Front-line sales managers: track rep activity, build coaching plans, identify winning behaviors to replicate across their team.
  • Sales leaders: understand pipeline and preemptively identify risk, improve forecast accuracy, monitor movements in the market (competitors, messaging, products)
  • Sales and revenue operations: access clean activity data, improve forecast confidence
  • Sales enablement: monitor training effectiveness, track strategic initiatives in the field (new messaging, sales methodology, product roll-outs)
What sales analytics does Gong track?

Because Gong pulls data from calendars, calls, and emails and ties them with CRM data you get the full picture into:

  • Rep activity (calls, emails sent, deals)
  • Call analytics (talk ratio, topics, questions, etc)
  • Best practices (compare your reps to top performers on your team and industry benchmarks)
  • Deal analytics (next steps, email velocity, call volume, buyer engagement)
  • Market intel (competitors, feature requests, new product messaging, talk track adoption and success)
Can Gong compare my analytics to industry benchmarks?

YES! Gong compares your reps behavior to known and proven sales best practices so you know where to focus sales coaching.

How do I track behaviors that matter specifically for my sales cycle?

You know your company’s definition of what good looks like. Gong is fully customizable so you can measure the metrics that matter to you: Talk track adoption, sales methodology, buyer engagement, pipeline hygiene.

And, because Gong’s sales analytics software uses AI to generate insights based on your team’s calls (product positioning, objection handling, competitive talk tracks) it will tell you where you win – without you needing to ask!

Can I use Gong data to create Salesforce reports?

YES! Gong’s sales intelligence software pushes sales analytics data into Salesforce so you can use call analytics to run reports in your CRM.

How can sales managers use Gong’s sales analytics software?

Gong’s sales analytics software automatically captures your customer interactions and provides insights so you can identify deal risks, and churn risks early. Make the most of your existing pipeline AND maximize customer retention. Win-Win.

How do enablement pros leverage Gong’s sales analytics?

Our sales analytics software supercharges enablement pros by maximizing sales productivity and helping ramp new sales reps faster and more efficiently.

How does sales ops use Gong data?

Sales ops use Gong’s sales analytics solution to access accurate activity data. Because Gong joins calls and ingests emails it can tell you: which calls actually connected versus landed on a voicemail and which emails are auto-responders and which ones are a buying signal.

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