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How Hive’s Revenue Strategy Evolved to Achieve 30% Growth in Pipeline Opportunities With Gong

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Increase in Pipeline Opp
saved on technology spending
accuracy on AI driven predictions and recommendations
Increase in meetings

The challenge

Hive was at a crossroads. Despite having a solid product and dedicated teams, the sales process was bogged down by outdated practices and a clunky legacy sales platform that hindered efficiency and growth. The sales team struggled with manual tasks, disjointed data, and a lack of actionable insights, which made closing deals more challenging than it needed to be.

The outcome

Implementing Gong Engage has redefined Hive’s sales strategy, driving a 44% increase in meetings and a 30% boost in pipeline opportunities. With streamlined workflows and AI-driven insights, Hive not only reduced manual tasks but also enhanced productivity, leading to a 20-30% cost saving through the consolidation of sales tools.


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John Furneaux, CEO of Hive — a company at the forefront of project management — has always known that the key to attracting new customers is understanding them. With a 100% inbound go-to-market strategy, Hive’s challenge was about more than capturing leads — they needed insights into their prospects. 

With these insights, they hoped to create more effective, tailored interactions and strategies that could help increase engagement and conversion rates. This led Hive to Gong, which they used to transform their entire sales cycle into a science. “Gong has fundamentally changed how we approach our sales cycle,” John notes. “Instead of relying on guesswork, we’re making decisions backed by data, seeing a direct impact on our engagement metrics, opportunities, and overall growth.”

Gong isn’t just another software in Hive’s tech stack; it’s a strategic partner. “Visibility into the customer journey is about so much more than metrics,” says John. “We need to understand the story behind every deal. Gong has given us the ability to capture these nuances, transforming how we engage with prospects and customers alike.” This has enabled Hive to build comprehensive, end-to-end processes that drive smarter, more effective sales decisions.

The impact? Nothing short of remarkable. Hive has seen a 44% increase in meetings booked and a 30% rise in sales opportunities. But the real story here is about more than impressive metrics. It’s about growth – how Hive tapped into Gong’s insights to succeed in a competitive market.

A new horizon in sales: The power of AI-driven insights

Under John’s leadership, Hive was poised to take a significant leap forward — but a key piece of the puzzle was missing. The team was stuck using legacy processes that were labor-intensive and outdated, particularly when it came to customer outreach and engagement. 

“It felt like we were trying to navigate with an outdated map. We didn’t have the agility or insights needed to effectively guide prospects through their buying journey,” says John. Tools and processes once thought of as state-of-the-art now couldn’t keep up.

John knew that in order to evolve, Hive needed to transform its sales stack. The fix came in the form of a powerful duo: Gong Engage and Gong Conversation Intelligence. For Hive, it’s not just about having data; it’s about having the right data to make informed decisions and drive meaningful conversations. John notes, “The accuracy of Gong’s AI-driven insights really surprised me. Its predictions and recommendations of next steps in a deal were right almost 100% of the time. If Gong suggested something, there was a 99.9% chance it was correct.”

The outcome? Thanks to AI, John can now breeze through deals, smoothly navigating discovery calls to pinpoint the origin of each prospect and, more importantly, how to guide his team to uncover more opportunities. “Before, I found myself sifting through call transcripts, trying to piece together insights — it was so time-consuming. Now, with Gong’s call highlights, I can quickly get the feedback I need, dramatically speeding up our ability to learn and adapt,” John says.

Precise personalization sets a new standard

“Our old approach to outreach was inefficient and outdated. It failed to connect with our prospects on a meaningful level,” John says. Unfortunately, finding a platform that supported smart, tailored messaging was easier said than done. Then the team found Gong. With the help of Gong’s AI, the team could create highly personalized follow-up emails with just a few clicks. Now, reps can write communications that are relevant not just to the recipient but also to the deal stage, company pain points, and more. 

With Gong doing the legwork, Hive’s sales team has been able to allocate more time to strategic initiatives, improving overall sales performance. This feedback loop of insights also serves as a foundation for continuously refining Hive’s sales messaging, enhancing every aspect of the customer engagement process.

The benefits were tangible: a notable 44% increase in meetings booked. While this leap reflects the immense power of AI, it also highlights Hive’s commitment to meaningful engagement, ensuring messages are delivered to the right person at the right time with the right content. 

“Gong Engage has become an integral part of our sales strategy, letting us continuously fine-tune our approach. The insights we get feed directly into improving our sales messaging and customer engagement process; it sets a whole new standard.” — John Furneaux, CEO, Hive

Gong: Hive’s partner in growth

For Hive, Gong is more than a revenue platform; it is a strategic partner, helping the company revolutionize the way it sells. “I can’t fathom how any business with salespeople runs without  Gong,” John marvels. “It’s transformational!” 
Because of the consolidation Gong offers, Hive has managed to save up to 30% on sales technology spending. Despite decreasing spending, sales performance has never been better, showing that thoughtful technology integration can be a linchpin for growth.


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