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Sales Reporting Software: The Top Pick for Winning Teams

Change the way your team sells with unprecedented insight into deal stages, market trends, and best practices. See exactly where the movement, friction, and risk is with top-rated sales reporting software. It’s proactive, reality-based reporting that winning sales teams not only need, but demand.

5 Compelling Reasons to Use Sales Reporting Software

Thousands of sales professionals recommend Gong for sales reporting. Here are five good reasons why:

Reason #1: Find and Address Risk in Your Pipeline

While your team works the phones, Gong’s powerful AI is constantly at work. By capturing and analyzing each customer interaction, Gong can deliver critical deal insights across your pipeline. We’ll show you which deals have risk and why, including proactive warnings for sales managers. Not only will you understand risk factors, such as inactivity, ghosting, or no budget discussed, you’ll have a more reliable means for making accurate projections.

Reason #2: See What Sets Top Performers Apart

Understand the behaviors, talk tracks, and performance benchmarks common to your best reps. Use Gong sales reporting to validate these best practices so that you can not only see how your peak performers win, but share those winning behaviors for the rest of the team to learn from. Many sales leaders use Gong to create a library of representative calls, including situational tactics, objection handling, and guides for new hires.

Reason #3: Be Certain Your Team Adopts Winning Messaging

As you roll out new messaging, product pitches, and sales methodology, Gong will show you how buyers are reacting in real time. With this data, you can gauge sentiment and correct your strategy. Simultaneously, Gong can use quantitative analysis to make sure reps are using the latest talk tracks, messaging, and phrases.

Reason #4: Dial In Your Sales Forecasting

With Gong capturing and analyzing data from customer interactions, you’ll have a complete and reliable understanding of where each deal stands. Spot when deals have gone dark, even though the rep is still including it in the forecast. Receive proactive notifications when Gong flags risk indicators on specific calls. Understand which accounts belong in your forecast and which don’t. Your revenue operations team will thank you.

Reason #5: Get the Team Pulling in the Same Direction

Gong will highlight key parts of a rep’s calls and automatically recommend improvements. You’ll see how long reps are talking, for example, or sharing their screen. You can view the data behind when and how often reps are mentioning pricing vs. next steps, too. Use Gong to catch reps doing it right and provide personalized feedback when reps need to adjust their strategies and tactics—all of it backed by powerful AI.

Why Use Gong for Sales Reporting Software?

Sales leaders know that maintaining an edge means understanding the strategy, market, and persona. Intelligence is what they need to close more deals, not hypotheses. And what better source of intelligence than the countless interactions your reps have on a daily basis?

This is where Gong goes to bring your team the goods. Our AI-powered sales reporting software analyzes calls, emails, and web conferences to deliver personalized insights. That goes for coaching, forecasting, and everything in between.

For sophisticated reporting and data analysis, the world’s top sales managers choose Gong.

Measure What Matters to Land More Deals

That’s Gong’s answer to sales reporting software: give sales leaders the tracking, reporting, and insights they actually care about. That way, you can spend less time listening to calls and more time closing business.

Next-Level Tracking

Gong captures and auto-transcribes all of your reps’ interactions with prospects. This allows sales leaders to track their team’s daily, weekly, and monthly performance based on the indicators they care about. On the client side, use activity tracking to see where your key accounts are at, including how often they’re contacted and through which channel, competitor mentions, and even risk. For tracking deal flow, Gong’s rich, data-backed insights are second to none.

activity metrics report
coaching recommendations report

All-Star Sales Reporting

Wouldn’t it be nice to quickly measure the impact of the conversations that your reps are having? Or to drill down into conversation-level stats to key improvement points, right within the same report? With sales reporting software, you no longer have to waste time manually skimming calls to quantity stats, trends, and performance metrics—Gong does it all for you. What’s more, reps can access their own personalized reports to compare KPIs with colleagues, what topics need to be covered, and more.

Unmatched Insights

Make key decisions about sales strategy based on reality. Gong provides next-level intelligence about what’s actually going on. If the market is shifting, we’ll make sure you see it coming. If your team isn’t adopting a new go-to-market playbook on their calls, you’ll know about that too. From market intelligence and sales performance, to pipeline health and forecasting, Gong takes you a layer deeper to understand the complete picture.

topic performance report app screenshot

How Our Sales Reporting Software Works

Move deals forward with our three-step approach:

Step 1

Capture and Organize Customer Interactions

See all of your interactions, whether phone, email, or web conference, in one place. Gong not only captures all of this communication, but applies AI-powered analysis to deliver critical sales insights.

Step 2

Sync Interaction Data with Salesforce—Automatically

Gong integrates with Salesforce to automatically tie interaction data to the corresponding customer records in Salesforce. Your team will have deeper insights into the behaviors of both reps and stakeholders.

Step 3

Put Intelligent Insights Into Practice

It’s game on when you have Gong’s AI-powered analysis on your side. Reps won’t be left guessing what they need to do next. And your coaching, pipeline, and forecasting will all get an upgrade. 

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Anything But Your Average Sales Reporting Software

Our sales reporting software will have your entire go-to-market organization feeling like superstars. It’s a simple but powerful formula to sales reporting you won’t find anywhere else.


Make strategic decisions based on the data-backed indicators of likely success—never hearsay.


Enjoy automated analysis, personalized recommendations, and time-saving automations.


With reality-based collaboration, communication, and alignment, your team will feel motivated to step up their game.

Give Your Sales Team the Intelligent Edge

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Glowing Reviews for Gong Sales Reporting

For anyone engaging with clients, Gong provides the ultimate source of truth. Monitoring, reporting, and analytical capabilities are second to none, as conversations can be tracked by theme or subject in real time.

The pulse reporting makes it easy to keep tabs on business without spending hours mining for data in the platform. The keyword reporting for competitors, pricing, objections—absolutely critical to incorporate as you evaluate and improve your messaging.

I love being able to share and annotate snippets and timestamps on calls to help teams improve their performance. The reporting tools are also really useful to see how I stack up to my team in terms of call cadence, performance, and management.

t keeps everyone in the loop and archives important information and follow-ups. The call reporting tools help our team improve customer service by providing direct feedback on how often they’re asking questions, how long they are letting clients speak, and much more.

"This is the future."

4,000+ Reviews Agree

Bring True Intelligence to Your Sales Strategy

Get the insights you need to help reps close more deals.

Sales Reporting Software FAQ

Get answers to all your questions about sales reporting software here:

What is Sales Reporting Software?

Every sales manager wants to move the needle, but not all of them have the insights to do so. Sales reporting software uses AI to help sales managers make better decisions in the situations that matter most. That might mean the decision on which deals to include or exclude from the forecast. It might also mean your approach to performance evaluations, coaching, or pipeline assessments. With the right sales reporting software, you’ll have the data you need to make informed and effective decisions for your team.

How Does Gong’s Sales Reporting Software Work?

Gong sales reporting software helps sales managers and their teams generate reports on key trends, market shifts, and performance. Our software allows you to build sales dashboards with data from the ongoing capture and analysis of your organization’s most valuable asset: customer interactions. The goal of any sales reporting software is to help sales teams be more productive, close more deals, and stay ahead of shifting conditions in the market.

Why Should You Use Sales Reporting Software?

An underrated benefit of sales reporting software is the ability to monitor and improve on-call performance at scale. Gong helps reps see where their behavior stacks up with coaching benchmarks, or against the best practices of top performers. For their part, sales managers can view customizable dashboards to monitor team performance, pipeline health, and deal progress. Here’s a few other benefits: 

  • Tap into customer voice
  • Improve team-wide visibility into performance
  • Improve go-to-market strategies
  • Speed up new-hire onboarding
  • Integrate with CRM, productivity, and collaboration apps
Does Gong Integrate With My CRM?

Our sales reporting software integrates with three of the most widely used CRMs on the market: HubSpot; Salesforce; and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Across all three of these handy integrations, Gong ties interaction data to the corresponding records in the CRM. This leaves sales managers with an organized, up to day, and searchable CRM database.

What Kind of Insights Can Gong Deliver?

Many reps and sales managers applaud Gong for enabling closer deal control, speech analytics, and more accurate forecasting. Gong can reveal the behaviors most likely to lead to positive outcomes. It can show you which sales enablement initiatives are gaining traction, too, or which messaging is failing to edge out the competition on key deals. And the Gong deal board will show you the type of activity taking place on each deal, risk factors, etc. so you can give reps specific recommendations on what to do next. 

Finally, Gong provides personalized recommendations for each rep on how to move deals forward. All of these insights you can access within a single tool. And the more data Gong AI has access to, the better these insights will get.

Which Tools Does Gong Integrate With?

Gong integrates with more than a hundred different tools that a team might need for sales reporting, collaboration, call tracking, and more. Popular integrations include Webex by Cisco, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Slack. See the full list of Gong integrations.

How Does Connect Gong with Salesforce?

Gong and Salesforce play quite well together. The primary purpose of this integration is to associate accounts, contacts, and opportunities with the conversations that Gong automatically records. The integration allows you to easily import existing calls and transcripts, too. Overall, sales managers use this integration to better track activity in accounts, opportunities, contacts, and leads. Features of the Gong integration for Salesforce include Pricing Alerts, Pipeline Analysis Dashboard, and Competitive Analysis Dashboard.